Month of happiness…!

The last time I posted was back in February– I KNOW, I know- FEBRUARY.  That was so long ago.  I guess a lot has happened…in two months…in two weeks…so here’s a brief recap of things that have made me happy lately.

A wedding!

My friends David and Lindsey got married in early March.  They are really wonderful.  Their wedding was wonderful.  It has been so fun to see them fall in love!

Friends reunited! (photo credit to Laura--her pictures are always so amazing)

Girl Scout Cookies!

This year at the Office a co-worker’s daughter sold us all GS cookies.  I think it’s not just the number cookies I have consumed (let’s not talk about that) but probably the fact that GS cookies make every situation better.  Have to go testify in committee?  Let me give you a GS cookie.  Had a terrible meeting?  GS cookie.  I am fairly confident they are getting us through session.

Of Monsters and Men!

Like like like this band a lot.  I discovered them last summer (before they were popular) and this past week they played a sold out show in Mpls.  They were SO great.   I’ll be buying their album when it comes out this week.

A boy!

I went to California a few weeks ago to visit friends and see a boy…it was SO good.

It turns out that this boy, Marc is pretty awesome and we’re pretty happy!  He likes things I like: obscure indie music, local brews, The Hunger Games, baseball, Jesus and adventures…he’s also good at convincing me to to like awesome things like Disney.  Yep, totally went to Disney and LOVED it (we’re all surprised).  We’re pretty pumped for fun trips on the horizon–he’s coming to Mpls soon and then there’s Boston in May for: baseball, breweries and history (if only it started with a “B”…)…yep, really liking this guy…

Now that March is caught up, April can properly start.

Hey Twenty-six, I like you!

My birthday was about a week ago and since then I’ve been too busy to properly document my birthday happenings (but let’s be honest, birthday celebrating really takes up the entire month of February, so posting now is just fine).  I’ve also decided that so far being 26 is pretty great.  Did not see that one coming after the mini-mid life crisis I had of turning 25…some favorite birthday celebrations:

Celebrating my birthday at work. You may think, “why would you want to work on your birthday?”  Answer: because my co-workers love celebrating my birthday with me.  Evident in the plants, brownies, balloon, cinnamon roll, birthday greetings and general merriment.  For the first time since working at the Office, no one said, “Are you old enough to vote now???”
Celebrating my birthday with friends.   Laura suggested going out for fro-yo on my birthday.  Clearly, my friends know the way to my happiness.

Yes, those are 26 candles in my fro-yo! The next day I got the most amazing fro-yo present ever (thanks Laura and Tiffany!)

Celebrating my birthday with the Twins.  Sadly, I did not go to Florida for this one (shocking, I know)…but Scott our “idea’s man” (see you got another shout out Scott!)  suggested that Laura and I invite our friends over to watch Game 7 of the 1991 World Series.  Best. idea. ever.  Laura wrote a stellar post on the party and if I tried to write one it would not even compare.  Just read her blog.

Surprisingly none of the Twins made it into this photo with us.

And that about rounds out the birthday celebrating (for this past week).  It’s pretty clear I have the BEST family and friends.

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!

My little brother is the big 1-8 today.  I know, I KNOW!   How this is possible?  I do not know.  Here is what I do know:

Once he was a baby, born one day before my 8th birthday.

Miranda and I wanted a little sister.  I wanted a sister for the advantageous reason of getting my own room…that didn’t happen.

Here I am in my older child role, "MOM, take a picture!!"

Miranda and I decided we would keep our little brother.  We spent a lot of time babysitting him, holding his puke bucket when he was sick (you’re welcome Mom and Dad) and gave him lots of nicknames: Buddy, Brother, Little Buddy, Cabby, Cabby-O, Little C Monster, Cab…

This about sums up our relationship...

Now since my brother is nearly a real life adult…somewhere along the way he turned into a little genius– winning science awards and accepted into a bunch of colleges!  We are SO proud.  Love you little buddy (even though you are a head taller than me) HAPPY BIRTHDAY (even though you call me old on the phone)!

So many talents, even an actor!

The best month.

Theoretically, this should have been posted on the 1st….well shoot….welcome to February, the BEST month.  You may disagree, but what happens in February that we all love?  Lots of birthdays!  Some quick stats on February birthdays (which may or may not be all true).

  • The highest percentage of my family members were born in the month of February.
  • February 29 is the least common day to have a birthday.
  • Only four U.S. presidents (Reagan, Harrison, Lincoln and Washington) were born in this month, but it was decided to celebrate President’s Day in February (for obvious reasons).
  • People who are born in February are more enthusiastic about celebrating their half-birthdays.
  • I need to find friends who are born on February 4, 12 and 29 and then I can properly celebrate birthdays everyday this month.
  • Those who share February as a birth month love finding fellow birthday-sharers (or maybe this is just me).

I only hope you find a way to enjoy this wonderful month as much as I do.  Happy Birthday, birthday-month sharers!  This is just for you:

Thrifting: and then THIS happened

Let’s all put aside our judging about wearing animal fur.  I am the first to admit: I never thought I would be doing this.   Could I pass this up?  No, no I could not.

Adorable, yes?

That might be real animal fur.  It’s hard to tell.  It was also thrifted, so the animal has been gone for some time, maybe since the 1970s…so I bought it.  It is in amazing condition and orginally from a high-end department store in Faribault.  The price?  $12.50.  Boom.  Please don’t throw paint on me.  Seriously.  Pretend it’s fake.

Also, my mom kept calling me Mary Tyler Moore, so I'll be wearing this while throwing my hat in the air.

Item of the day: Animal Barrettes

Today’s item of the day: animal barrettes.  I found these gems somewhere, it is even a mystery to me where I got them.  What I did know is that they are bomb.  Wouldn’t you want to put these in your hair immediately?

So many options, sometimes it is hard to chose which one...

If you are having difficulty figuring out what animals there are–I’ll help you out: a fox playing guitar (naturally, what else do foxes do?), two doves, a bunny, a poodle (which I thought was a sheep for the longest time), a duck and a teddy bear.  If you are looking for a set I would recommend checking out your childhood barrette collection or perhaps I will let you borrow one.

Thrift and win.

Sometimes you just come out a winner.  Today I ventured to the Salvation Army downtown, on the recommendation of my friend Kari.  There was so much to look at.  So much.  Since I recently decided I needed more flannel in my life I spent a lot of time looking at the flannel options. Imagine my surprise (and my unbelievably good luck) when I found a shirt from The Gap that I eyed some time ago (maybe even last year) in my size and only $3.99.  If I remember correctly it was originally somewhere in the $65 range which is why I said, “I love it but I have to pass,” in the first place.  Downside of a $3.99 shirt, a little hole has to be sewn, so I’ll just bust out those skills.

Flannel and ruffles, how much better could it be?

Also, some favorite music as of late, that I have found to be recommendable.  Enjoy!

  • Ani Difranco, Lifeboat
  • Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks (although I heard them on mainstream radio lately, which means everyone will soon love them…)
  • The Givers, Saw You First
  • Chameleon/Comedian, Kathleen Edwards
  • So American, Portugal. The Man
  • Filthy Halls, Apple Horse

Lesson Learned: Push that Panic Button

Session brings everyone to my building, most of the time it’s easier to just avoid the halls, most the time that’s tricky to do (especially if you need to use the bathroom or get coffee or eat food).  We’re only three days into session and I’ve ran away–yep, ran in the back door of my office– from lobbyists, pointed lost interns in the right direction (they were looking for me) and almost got shot (may be an exaggeration).  Continue reading for the story, except you Mom, just stop reading now.

Yesterday, upon returning from the restroom I ran into a man looking slightly confused.  He didn’t know where to go and being my helpful self I asked him if he needed help.  Then for a good 15 minutes he proceeded to tell me his whole story about people being out to get him, the police keeping tabs on him and other crazy things.  As we’re still talking in the hall he proceeds to tell me about the gun he bought and how he would take matters into his own hands.  That got me back to paying attention again.  Not knowing what else to do I told him to come into my office to see if I could find a number of where to direct him to help.  After I found an apparently useless phone number, he took another 20 minutes and told me and my co-worker about his dilemmas.   After this saga we were running out of ways to get him to leave our office.  At one point I thought that he would never leave.  Then out of his pocket (seemingly out of nowhere) came papers, my co-worker and I both thought it was going to be a gun.  Soon after that we were able to send him on his way. Security was called, a report filed and someone (mostly me) got a stern lecture about pushing the panic button.  Lesson learned.  Always push the panic button and try to be less friendly.

Bonus! Here’s a show I think is HILARIOUS.  They love recycling almost as much as I do.


Hey we’re in Minnesota…let’s ice skate!

The 1994 winter Olympics, it’s when I became a figure skating fan.  Nancy Kerrigan.  Tonya Harding. (That incident that made us all dislike Tonya Harding).  Oksana Baiul.  Triple axels, a double, spins—I loved it all.   The only tiny problem was the way that me and my sister could re-create this was on our roller skates.  So we did and we were pretty good…I even thought I could one day be a professional roller skater (yeah, that didn’t pan out…).

Yep, practically a professional skater at 5...great pony tail scrunchie matching, Mom!

Then one day I just happened to be with a group of friends that were going ice skating, how hard could ice skating be?  The answer: not hard at all.  It turned into my favorite winter activity.  Here’s a little highlight on some of my favorite places to ice skate in MSP.

Centennial Lakes is a favorite.  There is lots of room to skate, plus you are actually skating on a pond.  You can entertain yourself for hours skating around under bridges and watching your friends dive into the snowbanks on the side.  Also, I have heard that they play movies on occasion.  The fancy warming house has fire places.  It is very magical.

I would recommend bringing fun friends to skate with!

I’ve never thought Rice Park would be a very fun place to skate.  1.) it’s in St. Paul (where I don’t tend to frequent on the weekends). 2.) the rink looks small.  After making a trip there this weekend I came away feeling like it was a success.  First of all it’s super cheap ($2 for skate rental or free if you have a Wells Fargo card) and it’s amid beautifully lighted trees in downtown St. Paul.  The rink was not very busy, so even though it was small it didn’t seem crowded at all.  Magical but not quite on the same level as Centennial Lakes (although pretty sure I did see Nancy Kerrigan there).

Thanks Kari for showing me the wonder and joy of skating in Rice Park!



Weekend plans I would not recommend

When people asked me what my plans were for the upcoming three day weekend, I would say things like, “Oh not much, just going to a concert and Crashed Ice.”   My “oh not much” plans turned into “you will do nothing with your weekend plans” when I woke up with the stomach flu at 3:30 a.m. Friday morning.  The STOMACH flu.  Grown ups don’t get the stomach flu.  I don’t even remember the last time I have had that, but it has been a long time and my mom was definitely there to take care of me….

Now it is Sunday and I am happy to say after more than 48 hours of being quarantined in my house I have lived to tell how I have survived the flu and here are some helpful tips to you, if you should ever find yourself in a similar situation.

  • Stock up on Gatorade, popsicles, soup and soda crackers.  You may never need it but it is better to be safe than sorry.  (or you could have an awesome friend Rachel! and an awesome roommate, Maggy! who go and buy these things for you).
  • Don’t ever follow the “takes 30 minutes” Jello recipe.  It was not successful for me.
  • Save a show that you haven’t watched in a long time to only watch when you are sick.  For example, I caught up on The Office.  It had been awhile.
  • If you must feel like you accomplished something with your weekend and can pull yourself out of bed, work on finishing an 1000 piece puzzle.
  • Probably not a good idea to send work emails when you are sick.

Hopefully you never have to actually use this advice because being sick on your 3 day weekend is possibly the worst thing ever.

Now I’ll leave you with a band I didn’t get to see on Friday night.  I’m sure they missed me (yep even Patrick at the Cedar knew I had the flu, he probably told the band) and will make plans to come and sing to me sometime soon.

P.S. 47 Days until Spring Training!


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