Crossing things off the summafun list

This weekend begins adventure #8275 of the summer.  Ok.  I haven’t had that many adventures this summer but this one takes the crew out of the city (away from our beloved art crawls and movies in the park) and into to the wild!  Imagine eating wild berries, purifying water and fighting off wild animals….that’s what we will be doing….well something similar to that, which may include food, water and hopefully wildlife.

Camping weekend is here!  Several weeks ago this weekend was found to be the only weekend the crew could all go camping.  HOORAY!  After several weeks of intense planning, we are headed up north, just 50 miles to a state park along the St. Croix.  Canoeing, roasting marshmallows and singing ridiculous songs will all in our future, and many epic stories for sure!

[On a side note thanks for tuning into my blog!  I was inspired by many things while contemplating creating this: my love of reading other’s blogs, all the great stories I want to share and the many exciting adventures that are coming up….ARGENTINA, URUGUAY….TWO WEEKS!]


One thought on “Crossing things off the summafun list

  1. Welcome to the adventure of blogging, Amber. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I have. I look forward to reading your posts, viewing your photos and just basically keeping up on your life. Have a wonderful weekend camping without (hopefully) any “unforgettable storm” tales to tell.

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