Goodbye (North) America!

Today begins my adventure with my friend Laura to South America!  We are headed to Argentina and Uruguay!  My sister is living in Buenos Aires right now so what better time to go on vacation and visit her!

There are several misconceptions about Argentina and my trip out there:

  • It is WINTER in Argentina right now….meaning it is not 100 degrees…only 60 (people are really confused about this)
  • Argentina IS in South America (some people are even more confused about this)
  • I’ll be gone for two weeks–not back on Monday like my co-worker asked…
  • Yes, this is a trip for our half-birthdays.

Check back often for trip updates/photos/ridiculous stories!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye (North) America!

  1. Yes, this is absolutely for our half birthdays. And another common misconception is that Uruguay is a real place, and it is also in S America. Conveniently very close to Argentina.

  2. Be safe, sweet daughter of mine. Have fun. Take many pictures. Blog. Keep in touch (like an e-mail that you’ve safely arrived and a phone call when you’re back on U.S. soil). Hug your sister for me. Tell her we love her. And, finally, wish her a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Love you always and forever,
    your mom

  3. Where do people think Argentina is??? Ha ha I like Laura’s comment about the misconception about Uruguay being a real place…

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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