La fiesta without socks and Argentina happenings

Vacation has been really busy…on Saturday Laura and I woke up to, “If you guys aren’t ready on time I’m going to leave without you!”  Miranda was very excited to go to the Estancia (Argentine ranch), as were we because we were ready to go out the door right on time.

A few highlights from yesterday:

  • Arriving to the ranch on a beautiful day!  When we got there we were greeted with empanadas and then went out to see the castle and find the horses.
  • Find the horses–as in we were told they were tied up to trees around the ranch and there would be ranch hands there to help us—it took us a good 20 minutes to find the horses and by then the asado lunch was ready for us.
  • The asado was delicious!  We got to try a variety of meats/cuts and watch folklore dancers perform.
  • We saw a woman try to steal a horse, while not quite sure if she was going to ride off with it but she was riding it unattended and then let her friends ride it unattended.  It was ridiculous.
  • Finally, right before we left we got to ride horses!  My horse was a little out of control and with tips from Laura’s horsemanship days I finally got the hang of riding at the end (although at one point I almost asked to get off)
  • “Fiesta without socks” took place last night—Miranda’s roommates’ friends invited us to their party which started at about midnight.  They also dressed in costumes, which was confusing to us because it is not Halloween.  I think it was mostly called a “Fiesta without socks” because they wanted to keep their floor clean.
  • Today we got to tour La Casa Roasada, the presidential palace, which was beautiful.
  • We also visited the San Telmo street fair where we walked through many vendors and saw many street performers.  I even saw a guy wearing a Twins hat.  In shock I did not actually get to talk to him and ask him about a MN connection.
  • Our last stop was to La Boca, a neighborhood with lots of colorful houses, more street performers and home to La Boca Juniors– an Argentine futbol team.

For pictures and more notes on today and yesterday’s activities check out Laura’s blog (just click on merrydays on the side).

We have lots more things planned to see/do the rest of the week so I hope to do some more posting soon!

One thought on “La fiesta without socks and Argentina happenings

  1. The kids across the street from us were dressed in costumes yesterday too–as a dragon, fireman, lion…, maybe it really is Halloween…I think they were barefoot…

    Thanks for the interesting stories, Amber. So great to hear that you are enjoying every minute (well, maybe not that horse ride so much) of your adventure.

    Miss you and love you!


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