Twins, El Tigre and taking on Buenos Aires

Nobody cares about Brett Favre in Argentina, but apparently that is big news back home.

We may not have seen Brett Favre but we did see Carl Pavano (google him they are twins, oh and well Pavano is really a Twin—it’s the stache).  Anyways we saw this look alike at La Bomba de Tiempo– (Drum concert) last night.

Carl Pavano's musical twin

If you have read Laura’s blog you would already know that Monday was our walking day.  We started out first with breakfast at Cafe Tortoni, the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires.  Tango composers used to write their pieces here.  We had a nutritious breakfast of hot chocolate, churros and medialunas

This gave us plenty of energy for our walk–we started by seeing El puente de la mujer:

We then walked across the bridge to a museum and then to the ecological reserve.  The reserve was not as preserve-like as you would find in the states as there was lots of garbage in the swamp.  I wanted to teach them about recycling.  Instead of walking 4 miles in the ecological reserve we walked to a park and had a delightful picnic lunch.  We could even take off our fleece’s and scarves for the first time since arriving since it was so warm!

Today we took the train to El Tigre, about an hour north of Buenos Aires.  We explored the town along the river which was peaceful and scenic (if you consider brown water scenic)…I was excited by the pop culture…

We heard "Total Eclipse of my heart" in Spanish yesterday!

We continued our exploration of El Tigre por rio (by river–the Spanish is coming back!)

Preparing for our boat adventure!As you can see/read we are well on our way to becoming locals!  Numerous people have started talking to Laura and I in Spanish–asking us questions and directions.  We clearly know what we are doing.  Laura and I will soon be developing our skills of the city as Miranda’s apartment manager is not ok with our extended stay, so we will be going to a Hostel for the next two nights before we leave for the weekend trip to Uruguay, kind of inconvenient but it will make us more well-traveled.

We have a busy next few days planned to get the most in over our next few days!


One thought on “Twins, El Tigre and taking on Buenos Aires

  1. So Senorita Anderson did teach you Spanish?

    Sounds as if you are really experiencing every facet of Argentina. Continue to enjoy and share your interesting stories with us.

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