The best ice cream in the world and other findings

We have seen a lot of Buenos Aires the last few days.  Our walking has increased (maybe not the walking speed), our knowledge of the subway system has grown (or maybe we are starting to pay attention more) and today Laura and I even ventured off by ourselves when Miranda was working and we did not even get lost (although there was a lot of map consulting).

Yesterday morning we headed out and I saw this:

Winona is found all over!

We headed over to the Recolata neighborhood of Buenos Aires where we toured the cemetery Evita Peron is buried in, went to a fine arts museum and also Buenos Aires’ version of the cherry and the spoon:

The flower opens during the day and closes at night!

All over the city we see millions of dogs, all who have dog walkers–we are always on the look out for dog poop “watch your step!”  but unfortunately I stepped in some last night.

Our day in Recolata ended with THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD!!!  (or that is what the travel video on Argentina told me:

We shared three flavors-- dulce de leche w/ brownie, irish cream and mint!

Our night ended by going to a concert that was part of the World Tango Festival.  Think hipster and Spanish and you have the band.  They were awesome.

After the first night at our hostel Laura and I awoke and explored the Palermo neighborhood, where we covered the Botanical Garden, 3 Lakes Park and the Japanese Garden.  The weather was perfect and we even rented a paddleboat!

Fountains at the magical park

The Japanese Garden, also magical.

We are now preparing for our weekend trip to Uruguay!

One thought on “The best ice cream in the world and other findings

  1. Except for the dog poop, I would judge that you are having an excellent time.

    Now, I’m curious about that Winona sign. What was Winona referring to in that window? Certainly not your Alma mater, which may be interested in this image, by the way.

    I cannot believe how much you are packing into your days. Do you have blisters on your feet yet?

    Be safe in your travels to U (sorry, can’t spell it) this weekend!


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