Looking for Shakira…Punta del Este fun

Yesterday we arrived to the country of Uruguay.  If you read Laura´s post you will find out more about our adventures in Colonia, and about the little we knew about Uruguay to start with…like it´s really hard to spell (or maybe just for me).

Today we went to one of the most beautiful beaches in South America, located in the town of Punta del este.  We thought our trip there would be easy since we signed up at our hostel to go on the guided tour…until we found out at breakfast that they never signed us up for the tour.  For our back up plan we decided to just go to Punta del este ourselves.  It was a very delightful day.  We spent our time on the beach, walking along the beach and crossing off the ¨sights to see¨on the visitor map.  A new friend was also made—a stray dog that would NOT leave us alone.  It followed us for about 5 hours..well maybe not that long but we went to eat in lunch and it was there waiting for us when we walked out of the restuarant.  Ridiculous.  Finally we managed to lose it.

Our goal to see Shakira´s house was not met, although we might have saw her several times, if her disguise was sunglasses–Punta del Este is where a lot of famous people have summer homes–like Shakira and Ralph Lauren to name a few.

We are going to see some sights around Montevideo tomorrow then go back to Colonia before leaving Uruguay for Buenos Aires…tomorrow is our last full day left in South America!

2 thoughts on “Looking for Shakira…Punta del Este fun

  1. That’s too bad about the hostel not signing you up for the tour. Some hostel!

    A dog followed you for five hours and then waited for you outside when you were in the restaurant? That’s crazy!

    But we met some friends at a Northfield restaurant today when a cat showed up at our outdoor dining table and then began eating dropped food under our table. Fortunately the kitten did not follow us to our cars.

    I hope you last day in that U country goes well. I can’t spell it either.


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