Places I like best

My house: I have decided the single best thing about my house (besides location, build ins and roommates)!  Is this:

Our beautiful fireplace!

Since I love love love building fires– (thanks camp!) I really enjoy building them in my house, in a safe environment.

Downtown Minneapolis: The libraries in Mpls have this awesome thing where you can check out passes and go to museums for free.  Today I took advantage of that and checked out a pass to the Foshay Tower!  Awesome, yes.  Laura and I checked out the museum and then went out to the observation deck:

Checking out the traffic on 62...and no we did not get proposed to!

The Foshay reflects onto a nearby building.

As you can see from previous posts Laura and I really enjoy going to places that look like the Washington Monument re. Obilesco in AR.

Winona: Last weekend I was in Winona for homecoming.  It was great to go back and see the people and places I love!

Catching up with Wazoo at the homecoming parade!

Love Winona State!

Campus from Garvin Heights, so wonderful!

Some of my favorite people on Garvin!

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