The Chart Show

The Current is counting down their top 89 from 2010.  I thought I’d share my votes, some quality music!

10.  Vampire Weekend: Giving up the Gun [my friend calls them preppy]

9.  Communist Daughter: Not the Kid [I saw them in Loring Park this summer and they bring out your hipster side]

8.  Dan Mangan: Road Regrets [Great video, I think we will hear more of Dan Mangan in 2011]

7.  Atmosphere: Freefallin’ [I couldn’t find a clip of this song, but it’s good, trust me.  And they are from Minneapolis too]

6.  Janelle Monae: Cold War [She has a great voice…and amazing hair, really how does one get their hair to stay like that?]

5.  Arcade Fire: The Suburbs [They are catchy and I bet 5 million people will like them in 2011.

4.  Florence and the Machine: Dog Days Are Over [This reminds me of summer and makes my heart so happy.  I especially like to listen to it in winter.]

3.  The National: Bloodbuzz Ohio [They have unique voices I also like their song “Terrible Love” it was hard to chose what song to vote for.]

2.  Dawes: When My Time Comes [I saw them in concert this year and they were amazing. I don’t want to listen to their songs on my ipod because of how great they sound live.  Minneapolis loves Dawes.]

1.  Mumford and Sons: Winter Winds [This year everyone loves Mumford which makes concert tickets hard to get.  Goal in 2011- see them live.  I would recommend every song in their “Sigh No More” album to a friend.  Every. song.  They are that good.

*Honorable mention: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Home

What we all need to see

Maybe the birth of Christ would have been announced this way, had Christ been born today.

Thanks to Hope CC for playing this during services today!

How to get a (nice) Christmas tree for (practically) free

The Christmas season is upon us, decoration are up, 15″ of fresh snow is on the ground and there are 14 days until the big day.  Many people put up Christmas trees, in this post you will learn how to get one for practically free.

Step One:  Convince your friends they need a REAL Christmas tree, that their life is empty without one.  You should offer to go with them to pick out a tree and to give encouraging words along the way.  You can even suggest other trees they might want to buy:

Direct them towards already decorated trees so they can visualize the end goal.

Step Two: To continue to your end goal–getting a tree for practically free, pick out the cheapest one.  In this case it was a spruce for $12.98.

Step Three: Purchase the tree and lights.  Do this 3-5 minutes before the store closes.  Then get into your car and go to pick up your tree.  Sometimes people will be confused and give the tree you bought to the people in the car in front of you, but you probably won’t notice because you are so excited to tie your tree on the roof of your car.


Tim is really excited to carry his newly purchased tree!

Step Four: When you arrive home examine the tree you brought home.  In some cases it will be a tree that was $30 at the store instead of the tree you purchased for $12.98.  You may be confused as to why this happen but realize it is really not your fault at all, clearly the employees were confused and wanted to spread Christmas cheer by giving you the nicer tree.

Here Tiffany is surprised with the end result: a nice tree for $12.98!

Step Five:  Decorate your tree and take ridiculous pictures in front of it.


Awkward Family Photo!

A beautiful balsam fir for $12.98! It's a Christmas miracle!

*Pictures taken by Tiffany

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