Signed, sealed, delivered

I sent and received some great Christmas cards this year…here are some of the top ones!

First, the one Laura, Beth and I gave to all our friends in the Beth Moore Bible study we lead!

We love that Beth could be in our Christmas card this year!

Next up, a good friend surprised us all by sending out a card with several wonderful pictures: Tim and Micky, Tim as Santa and Tim AND Santa…that’s not confusing….

Make sure you read the quote...creepy...

A person whose blog we like to stalk friend had this deal on his blog that if you send in a card, you get a card.  Awesome?  Yes.  Lucky for him he got a card book from us.  To see the complete card book, call him up or visit Laura’s blog here.

Who is who? Those Sloweys were tricky this year...

The last card that makes this post complete I received just this week.  It is hard to describe, it is just awesome.

I think Mike survived his run-in with Rudolph because I did get this card.

Next year, send me an awesome card and I will truly appreciate it and probably post it or maybe just hang it on my refrigerator.


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