Twin series: Tickets, they can be confusing

One of the most important things you will actually do as a fan is attend a game, but to go to a game you need a ticket.  This can be tricky and confusing if you go into the situation without a few helpful tips.

March 19, 2011 is right around the corner.  This is the day single game tickets will go on sale.  Some of us may be standing in line to buy tickets.  I would recommend you find a few good friends, throw together a spreadsheet of the games you want and head on down to Target Field.  You also have the option of purchasing tickets over the phone or the internet but then you have to pay extra service fees, and do you really want to do that?  No, no you don’t.  If you don’t go you might miss the following: showing the ticket people your awesome spreadsheet!

and getting free things--like cracker jacks!

...and seeing TC!

Target Field is a magical place even in March, but before actually buying the tickets you should probably consider where you want to sit.  The “cheap” seats are still really great seats–especially the Skyline view–you actually feel like you are sitting IN downtown it’s great.  Home Run Porch can get very warm in the midday sun so that wasn’t a favorite spot–especially with sitting in front of the gigantic scoreboard but now that there is a new scoreboard I would give HR porch another shot.  My favorite spot to sit last year was the left field bleachers.  Close to the action, close to the bullpen and amongst the most “serious” fans.

....from these seats you could share your fruit snacks with Delmon!

I have not sat in a bad seat in Target Field; every seat offers a different, unique angle and you don’t have to strain your neck to see plays, it is amazing.  Wherever you end up at TF you will be glad you made the right choice to buy tickets.

5 thoughts on “Twin series: Tickets, they can be confusing

  1. I would like to add that the back row is like a freezer/windstorm, so if you choose to sit there, bring a hat, scarf, mittens, sweatshirt, jacket, snuggie, blanket, and snowsuit. Then you will truly be prepared.

  2. Laura- unless it is 100 degrees then it is a relief to sit at the top.

    Mom- no other ticket sellers had spreadsheets, everyone was impressed.

    Rachel- good call on the coffee.

  3. Everything is made better with spreadsheets. I’m very impressed that you used one. Also, I totally agree on back row seating. My personal favorites are my seats, upper deck behind home plate, under the “roof”. But I also really like skyline. My goal this year is the left field bleachers. You’ve inspired me to make that happen.

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