Twin Series: What to expect from Target Field

You have your tickets.  You have your friends.  It is time to go to your first game at Target Field.  What do you do?  When do you arrive?  What can you expect?

If it is your first time to Target Field you want to give yourself plenty of time to walk around the plaza, take pictures and check out the stadium.  Sometimes if you are there ahead of time you will get to see the team warm-up.  If it is your lucky day you could be asked to run and catch some baseballs, you never know (really unlikely).

Here are some fun photo ops you don’t want to miss:

The glove is a popular place for photos.

Joe is around town, in person (and statued) at TF!

It is always a good idea to take some pictures from your seats just make sure you do not do this in the middle of an amazing play.

Another benefit to getting to the stadium really early is the opportunity to get the give-aways!  Last year I got the Minnie and Paul-shaking-hands bobble head.  Amazing? Yes.

Worth going to the field two hours early? Yes, yes it was--people were trying to buy these!

Once the game starts you can expect the following: sing-a-long in the 8th inning (which I LOVE), the kiss cam (which can be awkward) and seeing at least one marriage proposal (be more creative guys!).  If you go on certain nights you can play TWIN-GO, which is a variation of BINGO and you might even win a prize if you are good at paying attention.  There may also be fireworks when there is a homerun and you will for sure hear U2’s “Beautiful Day” if it is a Twins Win.  Your experience will probably be magical and you will be excited to go back again and again.

3 thoughts on “Twin Series: What to expect from Target Field

  1. I’m so excited to have made a picture in the blog! And I really hope to be picked to run around after baseballs on the field this year.

  2. I have a follow-up question just to clarify: what can/can’t we bring to target field and what should/shouldn’t we bring to target field?

  3. Rachel- Yes, I love that picture and I’m sure you will be asked to appear on the field before a game (just introduce yourself to the right people at Spring Training

    Kari- Good questions! I will answer that in a follow up post!

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