Holidays, Twins, trees


One of my favorite holidays is Administrative Professionals Day.  Who remembers it? No one.  Some years it is not even remembered until 3:30 in the afternoon.  Not this year at The Office.  The moment I walked in the door my co-worker exclaimed, “There is cake!  Happy Administrative Professionals Day!”  Exciting because I had forgotten about this–even noting a week earlier that I was sure everyone was going to forget.   This year they remembered: a card, a plant, and as we refer to it, awkward cake (aka when we all stand around and have cake and sometimes there is singing and lots of talk about that thing our office does).  It was so wonderful and I loved every moment of it.

Moving on: the Twins.  

Do we want to talk about it? Probably not but it’s happening, so we should.  Last night was my first time this season back at Target Field.  Still very much love it.

If you look close you will see little snowflakes.


  • Everyone is sick with the flue* or injured or doesn’t want to play.
  • Eric Hacker pitched.  Who is Eric Hacker and how is he on our team?
  • How does a Florida team beat a Minnesota team while playing in the snow?
  • Drew Butera’s favorite store is Nordstroms.  Where is Joe?
  • Christmas songs are substituted for all other songs when it snows at TF.  “Twinter Wonderland,” instant hit.
  • The new scoreboard and Twins tower really completes the field.
  • Centerfield looks empty.  Come back pine trees.
  • Justin’s back.  That’s a relief.
  • Sing-a-long still happens.  PTL.
*Flue- when you are sick for months and can’t play baseball.  Example: Joe, Justin, Delmon
I look forward to making some memories of us winning when I return to TF.
From the Star Tribune:

If you’re looking for the shadiest place in Minneapolis this summer, head to the Lynnhurst neighborhood off the southeast shore of Lake Harriet.

The neighborhood ranks first in the city in the proportion of urban tree cover that blankets its homes, businesses and parks. Nearly 49 percent of its area, which includes a portion of Minnehaha Creek, is covered, according to a first-of-its-kind study of the city’s canopy that used high-resolution satellite technology.

This is my neighborhood! Win!

Irrational (but rational) fear

…of all the things to worry about at The Office I come to read this:

As the weather warmed up, mice took up residence under the dome. Despite the best efforts of Capitol engineers, they’ve thrice been seen in the press corps offices and other spots in the basement. (If you want to join the effort to name the mouse use the hashtag#namethecapitolpressmouse on Twitter. See some of the suggestions here.) Full Star Tribune article

This may be one of my great, irrational fears: mice.  Maybe it’s because of the family stories of mice—you know the one found floating in the crockpot, the one in the hubcap, the toaster, the bathroom at my grandparent’s house…

I’m mostly focusing on watching where I walk (especially in the basement) and keeping my feet up at my desk.  I’m taking any chances.

DIY Easter Egg Boiling

Every year (ok the last two years) when I go to boil Easter eggs I can never remember HOW to actually boil the eggs.  Below are some helpful steps to follow:

1.) Put the eggs in a saucepan on the stove, covering with about an inch of water–cool water.

2.) Bring to a rolling boil.

Rolling boil!

3.) Turn to medium heat and boil for an additional 10 minutes.

4.) Carefully transfer the eggs to a pot filled with cold water.  (This ensures that the yolk stays yellow not green).

Be careful not to crack any of the eggs!

5.) Let the eggs sit in the cold water for a few minutes.  DONE!

Running cold water over the eggs is helpful too.

Bonus!  Fun Easter pictures ahead!

In 1989 my sister, me and my cousin were sure happy to be in our Easter dresses! much happier in 1991! (Guessing the Easter basket was my idea, seems like something I would do--also note Mir is wearing the dress I wore in '89--oh hand me downs...)

This year, sadly for the first time I will not be with my family for Easter.  This means missing out on the annual, highly competitive Easter egg hunt.  All the cousins are assigned a color and you look for your color plus the hot pink eggs that have money in them.  There is running and in some cases, tackling involved.  It is a lot of fun.

...this might just be 2 years ago...

Somebody has a birthday!

Our favorite catcher is 28 today!  Happy Birthday Joe Mauer!  Enjoy these two videos.  One terrible and one great.  I’ll let you figure out which one is which.

Secrets I want to share: Thrifting.

Everyone loves a good deal.  I am no exception.  The Office dress code is business casual and I like to wear a lot of dresses and skirts (another secret I only have one suit coat).   Since dresses and skirts cost a lot of dollars I usually find a lot of cute and practical outfits at my favorite Minneapolis thrift stores.  Here are some helpful tips on stores to go to and what to look for.

  • Go in with no expectations.  This is usually when I find the best clothing.
  • Disregard all sizes.  Sizes are misleading, just look for things you think might fit you and then try them on.  Sometimes you will be surprised.
  • Don’t be afraid to try on something you think might not look good on you.  Belts or cardigans can be your best friend.
  • Consider the price.  Sometimes clothing items are marked up way too high.  Ex.: today I found a cuttttte dress that I wanted to buy but the zipper had a hole in it and it was still $18.  What the heck?  I had to leave it behind.
Now that I shared how to look for deals, now I will tell you where to look–here are some of my favs:
  • Buffalo Exchange, located in Uptown I usually don’t have a problem finding something here.  Pros: they have nice stuff and very well organized, they love the Earth; Cons: it’s in Uptown so parking is tricky and prices are a little higher than they maybe should be.
  • Everyday People, locations in Uptown and St. Paul.  Pros:  reasonable prices;  Cons:  The racks are always SO full or high it is hard to see stuff (and my arms get tired), again parking.
  • Goodwill, best location, Bloomington.  Pros: great prices; Cons: so much stuff to look at it can be overwhelming.
Also, make sure to never buy a Twins shirts.  I have 4 “new” Twins shirts all found at Goodwill.


Summary of Spring Re:treat.  Filled with so many fun things.  This about sums it up.

Mid-week mash-up

Some favorites:

1.) Spring (yes AGAIN!) Is it too soon to say spring is here?  No, I think not.  I ate outside for lunch, skipped the jacket going to work and drove with the window all the way down.  Spring also brings about one of my favvvvvvvvvvorite things: Spring Re:treat!  Many memories, friends and stories (chanting for David to eat his food, de-friending David, etc.)

Rachel became our friend at SR 2 years ago! It's our friendiversery!

There will be plenty of f-u-n.

Also, Tami will be joining us for the carpool.  I plan on being better at directions than her.

2.) Phal has settled in nicely to The Office! The early morning sun is her favorite.

Next to my hand sanitizer and the Seal (note: I moved desks--finally!)

3.) I got to deliver bills to The Hopper today! I felt like I should get my picture taken when doing it.  For everyone who does not know the purpose of a Hopper it is the basket in which you place a bill to be formerly introduced in the legislature.  There was even a plaque above the basket that said, “The Hopper.”

4.) The Twins beat the Yankees last night! In 10 innings.  I am confident that they are pulling themselves together.  Maybe they were too distracted when we were at Spring Training to learn what they were suppose to do in a baseball game.  That is my theory for our mediocre start to the season.

Least favorite

1.) Sticker families.   They are most commonly seen on  mini vans, station wagons and suburbans, if not here is an example:

Do you really understand the ridiculousness of this?

I have several reasons for disliking them so much:  a.) Do you want everyone to know your children’s names?  Sounds like a good way for a stranger to kidnap your kiddo.  b.) What happens if your kid who likes soccer decides instead to like basketball?  Do you have to get a whole new family sticker?  c.) They look ridiculous.  d.) Yes, they are still ridiculous stop buying them.

Meet my new plant!

I would like to introduce you to my new plant, Phalaenopsis, otherwise known as Phal:

Phal, in her plastic wrap until tomorrow, when she meets my co-workers and arrives at her new home!

After much consideration I chose Phal mostly because she is a beautiful plant and a lady at the store was looking at it enviously when I was contemplating buying it.

The tag told me that Phal prefers medium light (perfect), warm temperatures (an excuse for me to tell plant management- no pun intended- to keep the temp in my office warm) and water every 5-7 days (ideal).  After a little research on wikipedia   “they have become extremely easy to grow and flower in the home, as long as some care is taken to provide them with conditions that approximate their native habitats.”  My office will be nothing like the native habitat (Asia) but I will do my best to keep Phal alive—although there was some doubt by the cashier in my ability to care for Phal.  Perhaps in the days to come I will post a picture of Phal in her new home, happy and content.

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