Mid-week mash-up

Some favorites:

1.) Spring (yes AGAIN!) Is it too soon to say spring is here?  No, I think not.  I ate outside for lunch, skipped the jacket going to work and drove with the window all the way down.  Spring also brings about one of my favvvvvvvvvvorite things: Spring Re:treat!  Many memories, friends and stories (chanting for David to eat his food, de-friending David, etc.)

Rachel became our friend at SR 2 years ago! It's our friendiversery!

There will be plenty of f-u-n.

Also, Tami will be joining us for the carpool.  I plan on being better at directions than her.

2.) Phal has settled in nicely to The Office! The early morning sun is her favorite.

Next to my hand sanitizer and the Seal (note: I moved desks--finally!)

3.) I got to deliver bills to The Hopper today! I felt like I should get my picture taken when doing it.  For everyone who does not know the purpose of a Hopper it is the basket in which you place a bill to be formerly introduced in the legislature.  There was even a plaque above the basket that said, “The Hopper.”

4.) The Twins beat the Yankees last night! In 10 innings.  I am confident that they are pulling themselves together.  Maybe they were too distracted when we were at Spring Training to learn what they were suppose to do in a baseball game.  That is my theory for our mediocre start to the season.

Least favorite

1.) Sticker families.   They are most commonly seen on  mini vans, station wagons and suburbans, if not here is an example:

Do you really understand the ridiculousness of this?

I have several reasons for disliking them so much:  a.) Do you want everyone to know your children’s names?  Sounds like a good way for a stranger to kidnap your kiddo.  b.) What happens if your kid who likes soccer decides instead to like basketball?  Do you have to get a whole new family sticker?  c.) They look ridiculous.  d.) Yes, they are still ridiculous stop buying them.

2 thoughts on “Mid-week mash-up

  1. I learned a lot from this post. About hoppers. About sticker families (which I’ve never seen; is that a “city thing?”)

    Good to hear Phal likes her new digs too.

    Can’t comment on the Twins. Dare I say I don’t watch baseball?

  2. I too think that sticker families are ridiculous, though I didn’t realize names were actually on them. They are absurd. And so unnecessary. And really just plain silly.

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