Dear Kev, say it ain’t so.

Several people have let me know this week: Kevin Slowey might be traded.  Now I knew about this before anyone emailed/chatted/texted but I was living in denial.  Now blogs tell me that it’s likely going to happen, so it’s time to face reality and fondly look to the past.

It may have started with reading Kev’s brother’s blog.  His brother is hilarious and has once copied me in his blog posts.  Regardless, we exchanged Christmas book cards this year, sealing (what I would hope will be a life)  friendship with the Slowey brothers.

The prized Christmas card from the Sloweys

Our friendship became the real deal when we met.

Twinsfest -where Kev I first became friends.

Great that we met at Twinsfest since it really opened doors for all of us in Florida with lots of other Twins players.

Clearly Kev is going to have a hard time saying goodbye. We are his favorite.

So Kev, we will miss you if you do leave…you should probably re-consider and start pitching better.  If you do leave remember to send us all a few letters.

Cannons and hoopskirts: 150

150- that’s the number of years it’s been since the start of the Civil War.  The Office loves civic engagement and people get all crazy about anything Civil War related.  We just put together a little thing at the Cap., which started with a near death experience this morning involving a cart of blue books, a co-worker, myself, the tunnel and then someone who jumped in to help us push a cart.  After we survived that exciting things happened.

Guests arrived, including three cannons.   They weren’t as gigantic as I was thinking they would be, but could damage marble nonetheless (and it took 4 members of the NG to get these in).

Getting these inside took some convincing.

Other guests that arrived included real people.  People from the Civil War, wearing their Civil War apparel.

Do not be confused, this is not me.

So many re-enactors.

We had a 14 year old Civil War buff lead the Pledge during the program.  He was a little nervous so I gave him a few tips.

Notice the slight hoopness of my skirt.  That counts, right?

Also major shout out to the Gov’s office who arranged a special photo with the 14 year old and the Governor at the last minute.  Awesome? Yes.

Speaking of the Governor, he came.


At the end of the program there was a picture on the Cap steps.  People loved the event and had lots of wonderful things to say about The Office.  I’ll chalk this up as another thing I never thought I’d be doing but turned out to be pretty great.

Nothing changes?

Your childhood DOES tell a lot about what your life will be like as an adult.

Exhibit A.

From Exhibit A. you will see my awesome fanny pack- Darkwing Duck!, my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. W., and my bestie from grade school.  You will also notice my lack of love for the cat and my total disinterest in holding the cat.

Exhibit B.

Here in Exhibit B. you will notice my snazzy vest, made by my grandma; my Dad’s Twin shirt (good job Dad!) and a terrified bunny that I do not want to be holding at all.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit C.– I’m doing a good job pretending I like cats?

Based on those three exhibits one could make some pretty good assumptions about my thoughts towards cats as an adult.  Nothing changes, except maybe my clothing and accessories.

Weekend WIN!

This weekend was filled with so much FUN!  We threw Jenna a Bachelorette Party!

We've come so far from our East Lake days!

We had a GREAT time: dinner at Chino Latino, fun games and ridiculous stories were told.

Best of all I was reunited with these lovely roommates! Love them!

Random guy who bought us shots was right in saying, “your lives are so much better now.”  Quote of the night.

Saturday, friends Mike and Amanda got married!  Beautiful ceremony—I wish I had taken a picture or two, but I did not.  Believe when I say it was a great wedding!

Sunday morning I woke up and had a good feeling about the Twins game–maybe it was the sunshine?  Well sunny days do not = Twins win.  Tiffany and I were able to score some SWEET seats right behind the Twins dugout.

Here's Danny Valencia, we go way back to our run in at Spring Training.

We remembered our Metrodome-last-game scalping ways of yore and bought $80 seats for $32.50.  Win? I think so–especially when we found out that we had our own lounge and bathroom.

An even better moment was when Kev came in to pitch. We go even farther back to Christmas card exchanges, Twinsfest and Spring Training; we are practically besties.

At some point in the game I decided I was meant to sit in those seats in the rest of my life.

Weekend WIN? YES! (minus the Twins actually winning)

…and what I do.

People always ask me what I do when they hear about The Office and that I’m an executive assistant.  It’s hard to summarize what I do in a few short phrases since I do something different almost every day.  First, here are some things I do not do:

  • Make or get coffee.  It’s a disaster if I ever have to do this.
  • Make wardrobe decisions for anyone (except in extreme circumstances)
  • Work really late (only sometimes)
  • Check my email all the time, people you can wait until Monday
  • Travel with my boss (everyone tries to invite me to their dinners)
Since all those misconceptions of my job are out of the way here are some things I get to do:

Try to find the most random thing I wrote on the board today!

Besides the board, here are a few random things I have done in the past 2.5 years (some things I have chosen not to mention):

  • talked to the White House
  • hung up on the Governor
  • wooed random boys with the fancy law books
  • Found a way to get Civil War cannons into the capitol (in process)
  • thrown a few office parties
  • took pictures on Target Field
  • helped prepare congressional testimony

As you can see, super random.  Bonus points if anyone found the most random thing I wrote on the board.  If you couldn’t find it I wrote, “e-mail Ryan in Gov’s office and remind him he is awesome.”  I don’t even know Ryan, but he is helping me out with an event so he gets major awesome points.

Wednesday: 1, 2, 3

1) I think it’s appropriate for me to say, summer is here!  This is verified with The Office being cooler than outside and actually wanting to eat ice cream.  However, this picture will disprove everything I just said:

Guess what that is...

Yes, that is the giant, giant pile of snow I drive by every day.  Your guess is as good as mine as to when it is actually going to melt.

2.) I wanted to give a special shout out to Minnesota: Happy Statehood Day, you are 153!  Yay!  Next year I think I’m going to somehow request that birthday cards to the state be sent to The Office.  Everyone knows how much I love birthdays and I would gladly accept them on behalf of the state.  Exciting things DO happen on Statehood Day…

The Capitol Chandelier is lowered and lit-- or in this case it is being cleaned so it was already down.

3) Lastly I’m super pumped for this weekend and a Bachelorette Party for my college roommate!

Little did Jenna know she would be marrying the brother of the guy who threw this party!

We have SO SO many great memories together from our years living together at East Lake and I’m excited to make some more great memories this weekend!  I’m 100% positive there will be some Do It For The Story moments.

Things to say today…

“Happy Mother’s Day!”  or as I like to say, “It’s a Mother’s Day Miracle!”  I’m not really sure why that phrase is so darn catchy, but it is.  Sometimes people get confused when you say it on days that are not today and ask, “Wait, is today Mother’s Day??”  I have not had the opportunity to use that phrase yet today–one can only hope something amazing or miraculous happens so I can say it (If only the Twins would have won).

Anyway…not to brag and all, but my mom is pretty great, examples:

  • She is always there to listen.
  • She has good advice.
  • Sometimes she will make hair cut appointments for me.
  • My brother and sister like to say, “Mom is so nosy!” –but nosy in a good way because that means she cares about us.
  • She writes this blog here, you should probably check it out.
  • She lets us travel to places that are far away.
  • She supports us with our crazy ideas of living abroad or unpaid summer internships.
  • She loves us a lot and we love her!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Sales…get me every time

It’s been awhile since I’ve bought something I didn’t really “need.”  This time I blame the sale of buy-one-get-one-half-off.  I find pair of shoes I like and then I have to find another pair because otherwise I’m not getting the “deal.”  But then really is a deal?  Probably not.  The shoes are cute and I will wear them and this means boot season is over.  Officially.

Hello, spring!

Also, I’d like to note that I bought these with part of the interest I made off my co-worker today.  I bought her lunch since she came up to me in the cafeteria with a sad look on her face and said, “Amber, do you have any money? I forgot my money and didn’t eat breakfast.”  I should probably start putting on people’s calendars, “bring money for lunch.”  I can’t be there all the time.

Lastly, Twins pitcher Frankkkkkkkkie Liriano had a no-hitter last night, this comes directly after I said, “maybe’s he’s not our ace anymore.”  I take it back, clearly he is listening to what I say and working hard to overcome adversity.  Here’s a great quote from summing up the game:  

So maybe it wasn’t pretty. But Liriano had a zero in that hit column and I’m pretty sure if he lives to be 89 he’ll always remember his first complete game. The Twins added a victory to the win column. And a Tuesday night in May provided a reminder that, in baseball, you can’t predict anything. 

Which is why we watch. 

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