Sales…get me every time

It’s been awhile since I’ve bought something I didn’t really “need.”  This time I blame the sale of buy-one-get-one-half-off.  I find pair of shoes I like and then I have to find another pair because otherwise I’m not getting the “deal.”  But then really is a deal?  Probably not.  The shoes are cute and I will wear them and this means boot season is over.  Officially.

Hello, spring!

Also, I’d like to note that I bought these with part of the interest I made off my co-worker today.  I bought her lunch since she came up to me in the cafeteria with a sad look on her face and said, “Amber, do you have any money? I forgot my money and didn’t eat breakfast.”  I should probably start putting on people’s calendars, “bring money for lunch.”  I can’t be there all the time.

Lastly, Twins pitcher Frankkkkkkkkie Liriano had a no-hitter last night, this comes directly after I said, “maybe’s he’s not our ace anymore.”  I take it back, clearly he is listening to what I say and working hard to overcome adversity.  Here’s a great quote from summing up the game:  

So maybe it wasn’t pretty. But Liriano had a zero in that hit column and I’m pretty sure if he lives to be 89 he’ll always remember his first complete game. The Twins added a victory to the win column. And a Tuesday night in May provided a reminder that, in baseball, you can’t predict anything. 

Which is why we watch. 


2 thoughts on “Sales…get me every time

  1. I am memorizing that line: “Amber, do you have any money? I forgot my money and didn’t eat breakfast.” I may be able to use that line next week.

    Also, I really like the heels. Honestly, they remind me of some shoes that were in the dress-up box when I was a kid. Seriously. Will I see those shoes this weekend?

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