Things to say today…

“Happy Mother’s Day!”  or as I like to say, “It’s a Mother’s Day Miracle!”  I’m not really sure why that phrase is so darn catchy, but it is.  Sometimes people get confused when you say it on days that are not today and ask, “Wait, is today Mother’s Day??”  I have not had the opportunity to use that phrase yet today–one can only hope something amazing or miraculous happens so I can say it (If only the Twins would have won).

Anyway…not to brag and all, but my mom is pretty great, examples:

  • She is always there to listen.
  • She has good advice.
  • Sometimes she will make hair cut appointments for me.
  • My brother and sister like to say, “Mom is so nosy!” –but nosy in a good way because that means she cares about us.
  • She writes this blog here, you should probably check it out.
  • She lets us travel to places that are far away.
  • She supports us with our crazy ideas of living abroad or unpaid summer internships.
  • She loves us a lot and we love her!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


One thought on “Things to say today…

  1. Oh, Amber, thanks for the sweet Mother’s Day gift of this blog post. This beats anything you could buy for me. So sweet. You made me cry.

    Thanks for taking my nosiness in the right way, as concern.

    I just published a blog post about Mother’s Day too with pix of you, your sister and your brother.

    Love you always,

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