…and what I do.

People always ask me what I do when they hear about The Office and that I’m an executive assistant.  It’s hard to summarize what I do in a few short phrases since I do something different almost every day.  First, here are some things I do not do:

  • Make or get coffee.  It’s a disaster if I ever have to do this.
  • Make wardrobe decisions for anyone (except in extreme circumstances)
  • Work really late (only sometimes)
  • Check my email all the time, people you can wait until Monday
  • Travel with my boss (everyone tries to invite me to their dinners)
Since all those misconceptions of my job are out of the way here are some things I get to do:

Try to find the most random thing I wrote on the board today!

Besides the board, here are a few random things I have done in the past 2.5 years (some things I have chosen not to mention):

  • talked to the White House
  • hung up on the Governor
  • wooed random boys with the fancy law books
  • Found a way to get Civil War cannons into the capitol (in process)
  • thrown a few office parties
  • took pictures on Target Field
  • helped prepare congressional testimony

As you can see, super random.  Bonus points if anyone found the most random thing I wrote on the board.  If you couldn’t find it I wrote, “e-mail Ryan in Gov’s office and remind him he is awesome.”  I don’t even know Ryan, but he is helping me out with an event so he gets major awesome points.


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