Weekend WIN!

This weekend was filled with so much FUN!  We threw Jenna a Bachelorette Party!

We've come so far from our East Lake days!

We had a GREAT time: dinner at Chino Latino, fun games and ridiculous stories were told.

Best of all I was reunited with these lovely roommates! Love them!

Random guy who bought us shots was right in saying, “your lives are so much better now.”  Quote of the night.

Saturday, friends Mike and Amanda got married!  Beautiful ceremony—I wish I had taken a picture or two, but I did not.  Believe when I say it was a great wedding!

Sunday morning I woke up and had a good feeling about the Twins game–maybe it was the sunshine?  Well sunny days do not = Twins win.  Tiffany and I were able to score some SWEET seats right behind the Twins dugout.

Here's Danny Valencia, we go way back to our run in at Spring Training.

We remembered our Metrodome-last-game scalping ways of yore and bought $80 seats for $32.50.  Win? I think so–especially when we found out that we had our own lounge and bathroom.

An even better moment was when Kev came in to pitch. We go even farther back to Christmas card exchanges, Twinsfest and Spring Training; we are practically besties.

At some point in the game I decided I was meant to sit in those seats in the rest of my life.

Weekend WIN? YES! (minus the Twins actually winning)


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