Nothing changes?

Your childhood DOES tell a lot about what your life will be like as an adult.

Exhibit A.

From Exhibit A. you will see my awesome fanny pack- Darkwing Duck!, my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. W., and my bestie from grade school.  You will also notice my lack of love for the cat and my total disinterest in holding the cat.

Exhibit B.

Here in Exhibit B. you will notice my snazzy vest, made by my grandma; my Dad’s Twin shirt (good job Dad!) and a terrified bunny that I do not want to be holding at all.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit C.– I’m doing a good job pretending I like cats?

Based on those three exhibits one could make some pretty good assumptions about my thoughts towards cats as an adult.  Nothing changes, except maybe my clothing and accessories.

2 thoughts on “Nothing changes?

  1. It appears, in Exhibit C, that you might possibly be developing a fondness for felines given how closely you are holding the cute kitten and it isn’t clawing you.

    Did I really dress you in those hideous outfits? Clearly you have changed your fashion ways. Could this have something to do with moving from “the middle of nowhere” to the big city?

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