Cannons and hoopskirts: 150

150- that’s the number of years it’s been since the start of the Civil War.  The Office loves civic engagement and people get all crazy about anything Civil War related.  We just put together a little thing at the Cap., which started with a near death experience this morning involving a cart of blue books, a co-worker, myself, the tunnel and then someone who jumped in to help us push a cart.  After we survived that exciting things happened.

Guests arrived, including three cannons.   They weren’t as gigantic as I was thinking they would be, but could damage marble nonetheless (and it took 4 members of the NG to get these in).

Getting these inside took some convincing.

Other guests that arrived included real people.  People from the Civil War, wearing their Civil War apparel.

Do not be confused, this is not me.

So many re-enactors.

We had a 14 year old Civil War buff lead the Pledge during the program.  He was a little nervous so I gave him a few tips.

Notice the slight hoopness of my skirt.  That counts, right?

Also major shout out to the Gov’s office who arranged a special photo with the 14 year old and the Governor at the last minute.  Awesome? Yes.

Speaking of the Governor, he came.


At the end of the program there was a picture on the Cap steps.  People loved the event and had lots of wonderful things to say about The Office.  I’ll chalk this up as another thing I never thought I’d be doing but turned out to be pretty great.


One thought on “Cannons and hoopskirts: 150

  1. I recognize that hoopy dress in photo #2 as worn by a member of the Cannon Valley Civil War Roundtable.

    Glad the event went well and that you enjoyed it.

    You know, there’s a Civil War event coming up in Wasioja in June… Just sayin’ in case you’re interested…

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