Back when life made sense

On summer days (and nights) I miss this place:

Someone should know where this is...yes you are right...BZ!

I spent 13 summers at this place, including two full summers at my home away from home…

Yes, you guessed right---Camp Omega!

I miss the ridiculously fun games (many without a point)…

Darebase! So. much. fun.

I miss my wonderful co-counselors (CCFLs!) who always had crazy ideas and amazing amounts of energy…and style.

Camp especially brought out the themed days. They rocked.

I especially miss having these in my life every night…

Songs. Skit. Campfire. Can I go back?

Pick your battles (and win)

Several days weeks ago on June 8 I got a letter in the mail from my insurance company.  The letter told me I would billed $162.00 for a recent eye appointment.  What. the. hay.

At this point it was not yet a bill so I thought, maybe they will forget and never send me an actual bill.  They did not forget and last week I got a bill.  This was mostly confusing to me because I had gone to the same eye doctor before and not paid any dollars to get my eyes checked.  The same insurance had covered it.  The only difference was my doctor had since moved to a different practice.

I was outraged!

Not wanting to pay $162 when I am soon going to be on funemployment summer vacation I decided to give the insurance company a call not expecting anything to happen.  (Especially since I hardly ever use my awesome health insurance—one perk of being a public servant.)  I explained the situation and they explained how my eye doctor is now “out of network.”  So silly.  My mistake for not checking….until they said they would cover it this ONE time.

Thanks insurance company! You made my day so much better.


A few failures

You could say I’m a glass half full person, I like to look at the positives in every situation.  Lately I’ve had a few failures, most of them laughable that I will share.

The first one happened about 2 weeks ago.  I was out for a seemingly nice run, trying not to concentrate on a post-work headache and out of NOWHERE I found myself on the ground.  Yes, I tripped over something (maybe the sidewalk or my own feet) fell and rolled.  Not. even. kidding.  I had a very bruised knee, scrapes through my shorts and a scraped arm.  I withered in pain for about 2 minutes and then got up, walked it off and continued with my run.  The knee bruise was nasty and it’s still there and still hurts. Fail.

Later that week I went to a movie in the park with about 30 of my closest friends.  The movie ended early because of eminent storms.  I went to my car and it would not start, the battery was dead (and no Dad I did not leave my lights on).  Car fail.  The next day a few of my awesome friends helped me jump my car and replace my battery (which I will count as a success).

I will not write anymore about this: Twins road trip in Milwaukee= MAJOR FAIL.

Lastly, a success story.  Recently it was discovered that there were ants making a home in our house.  They probably thought they were welcomed into my home because I once had an ant farm and I’m sure they heard stories about my hospitality towards their ant friends.

OH I had one of these…the ants came in the mail.

Today I decided to put an end to this ant hospitality and they are now feasting on ant poison and we are saying things like, “Die ants, die!”  Ant friendship over.

…and let’s not even talk about the automatic paper towel dispensers that I am in a fight with…


Countdown to the Shutdown (and other thoughts)

Sometimes things are uncertain in life, like if you are going to go to work next Friday.  Hence the paper chain, Countdown to the Shutdown:

Special shout out to Chris who made this for me!

So far I am not essential.  No one in my office is.   I’m just embracing it right now because there is nothing I can do about it.  Nothing.  Except maybe plan awesome parties.  PPC is in full swing in the Office.  What’s PPC you ask?  Party Planning Committee.  My co-worker and I decided to take over this important role when a 30 year work anniversary was almost forgotten.  Never fear.  There will be a card, treats of some kind (awkward cake!) and fun tomorrow, just in time for the anniversary.  Next week there might be treats every day, co-worker bonding before we don’t see each other for an uncertain amount of time.

Other things I am embracing, coffee.  What is happening to my life? I drank 3 cups of coffee this morning.  3 cups.  I somehow manage to get my boss to make it for me.  He told me, “you keep drinking it and I’ll keep making it.” Awesome.  Caffeine is making my mornings super productive.

Apart from the Office.  My life has been full of saying hello to new friends, saying see you later to roommate and her husband, watching the Twins win (sweet baby Drew) and planning for my summer vacation (WOO!)

Here are some fun activities I have come up with so far (or others have thought of for me):

  • going to the beach (I already have a Friday afternoon beach invitation with ex-co-worker)
  • catching up on the teen paranormal romance genre of books
  • learn a language
  • go on vacation
  • look for a new car
  • take my brother on college visits
  • knit
  • watch Parks and Rec
  • learn new dances (who remembers Soulja Boi drama senior year?)
If anyone has some more ideas for me, let me know I’ll have some down time.

Urban music…and more weddingness

I pretty much covered wedding weekend in the post below….however, I failed to mention one of my favorite stories of the night: the wedding DJ.

The DJ did a great job, he played all the songs the bride and groom requested, people were dancing- having a great time, etc.  At one point I requested a song, here was our conversation:

A: Can you play “Low?”

DJ: “OH that’s on the playlist, and I’ll be playing more of the urban music as the night goes on, I’m working my way up to that.”

A: (Puzzled by what urban music is)…”well you are the professional”

DJ: “Yeah, I am.”

end convo.

Here is what the DJ played during the “urban music” time:

  • Just Dance
  • Shout
  • Twist and Shout
  • Party in the USA
  • Low
…see how I am confused about what urban music is?
And now some more wedding pictures:

The flowers were gorgeous!

love this picture!

Nathan and Jenna's niece was so adorable!

Cutting the delicious cake!

It’s a love story, baby just say yes (she did!)

On of my very best friends got married yesterday.  Here is my version of Jenna and Nathan’s love story (it’s a good one).

Once upon a time Jenna and I were friends with a boy named Neil:

College, so. many. stories.

We went to college with Neil and his fun friends from Zumbrota.  Some of our favorite memories from senior year involve Neil, Kevin and co–ie. wine party, jersey party, Friday/Saturday nights downtown.

Neil had a brother that also went to Winona but graduated a few semesters before us and moved to Texas.  One day after we were all graduated from college Neil and his lovely wife Kristin suggested that Jenna tell Neil’s brother Nathan “happy birthday” via the facebook.

After a visit to Minnesota by Nathan, a reunion with the old Winona crew and an intense line of questioning by me and Julie (what is your driving record?) Nathan and Jenna started dating…!

Yes, I took the first couple picture. love.

Then came yesterday!  The Winona crew was reunited to celebrate a wedding!

We had a beautiful day to celebrate!

Jenna is the first of the 201 girls to get married.  Who would have predicted that?

Love these girls.

Any Winona reunion would not be complete without the JJ pose from Kevin and Jenna.

They still got it.

…or with a Sheehan picture!

Freshman Sheehan ladies- Carly, Sarah, Sarah, Jenna, me and Alyssa! (If only I would have lived on 8/9!)

It was such a joy to see Jenna fall in love with Nathan!  I’m so glad I got to be part of your special day Jenna!

love her!


A lesson in numbers

I have this secret talent of remembering dates.  If you tell me your birthday I will remember it forever.  Unfortunately this is the only numbers-related talent I have, so I embrace it.

This comes in handy for my job.  I schedule a bazillion things a week for my job and then someone will ask me, “what’s going on July 14?” and boom I can list off the three things on the calendar for that date.   Awesome, right?

Today’s conversation at The Office went something like this:

Boss: “So this weekend’s really busy, especially on Saturday…”

Me:  (looking over the calendar) “Yes, Saturday you will be busy.”

Boss: “And Sunday I have a few things too.”

Me:  “Yeah, and Sunday is your anniversary.”

Boss: panicked look…”THIS SUNDAY?”

Me: “Yes, June 12th, right?”

Boss: “I forgot all about that, I better start planning!”

Life lesson: even if your anniversary is on a calendar you look at everyday you may forget.  If you are lucky someone will just remind you of all the important dates in your life.

Summer strangeness

I love this.  Summer warmth is here!  It’s like the sun wants to give us a big hug.  There will be no complaining about “excessive heat” from me.  Strange things happen when it starts to get hot…

I find myself buying A LOT of fruit…or maybe it was just the screaming toddler at the store that somehow pushed me over the edge to buy raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and bananas.

Yes, I will eat all that fruit and yes that's strawberries on my salad.

Don’t worry Mom I had some dairy and peanut butter—all food groups were represented in my dinner.

I wear all black…I know you are thinking, “that girl is craaaaaaaazy.”  For some unknown reason I decided to forgo all fun skirts/dresses and “summer” clothing today at work.  I think it was mostly because I was trying to accomodate some shoes that I am attempting to break in.

Yes I wore these for 9 hours today, no I didn't fall.

You see I’m in a wedding this weekend and I don’t want to trip while walking down the aisle so I think I broke these in.  Jenna, Nathan you guys can get married now; I am ready.

Pavement Failure.  That’s right I saw that on my drive home via the 94.  This caused me a little bit of concern that the pavement that I was driving on at that very moment was going to fail and my car would fall into a giant sinkhole.  Since I was too busy driving to take a picture of “Pavement Failure” I’m going to share this delightful video from MNDot about merging, because people need to learn a few things.

Yes, that’s right you just learned about zipper merging, you are welcome.

Concluding our summer strangeness a certain team that I will not mention by name has been doing surprisingly well, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Hello, summer- welcome to my life!

HAPPY DAY!  It is JUNE!   In honor of June I’ve brought back the summafun list that I generated back in March.  I’m getting closer to achieving my summer dreams (see I have things crossed off!).
  • movies in the park
  • canoeing (considerably easier this year)
  • sunshine  This can keep happening.
  • driving with the windows down  This can keep happening.
  • no more potholes? (my new tires do not like them at all) These are still around–along with new lane closures on 94…suck
  • weddings, lots of weddings! Two down, three to go!
  • Twins games! (and Brewers games and Cubs games) – The Twins record is not stopping me from going to TF and I am not turning into a *gasp* Brewers fan anytime soon
  • outdoor concerts
  • walking briskly around Lake Calhoun with Caribou in hand
  • being caught in thunderstorms in downtown Minneapolis and being taken in by a stranger (hard to say if this will happen again)—AND IT DID.
  • camping!
  • road trips
  • not using the tunnel for 3-5 months at worktunnel? what? 
  • staying up late (always seems ok in the summer)
  • bag toss (outside)
  • go on vacation that work is not forcing you to take
I just added the last one because for the past 3-4 months (or since I got back from my last vacation) I’ve been debating about where to go/what to do.  I have had no awesome ideas or been wowed by great deals.  Until today.  Sun Country via the Groupon wants to sell me a plane ticket for $180 to go somewhere fun….or maybe it’s been narrowed down to Boston or Seattle.   Time will tell if this can become a reality.
Finally, this past weekend I was at my cousin’s grad party and me and my little cousins were content playing on the tire swing.  Ok.  Content until I came over: “I want Amber to push me!”  “No, stop!  Amber, please push me?”  And then I made them push me and all was right with the world.

Tire swings DO = summer happiness!

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