A lesson in numbers

I have this secret talent of remembering dates.  If you tell me your birthday I will remember it forever.  Unfortunately this is the only numbers-related talent I have, so I embrace it.

This comes in handy for my job.  I schedule a bazillion things a week for my job and then someone will ask me, “what’s going on July 14?” and boom I can list off the three things on the calendar for that date.   Awesome, right?

Today’s conversation at The Office went something like this:

Boss: “So this weekend’s really busy, especially on Saturday…”

Me:  (looking over the calendar) “Yes, Saturday you will be busy.”

Boss: “And Sunday I have a few things too.”

Me:  “Yeah, and Sunday is your anniversary.”

Boss: panicked look…”THIS SUNDAY?”

Me: “Yes, June 12th, right?”

Boss: “I forgot all about that, I better start planning!”

Life lesson: even if your anniversary is on a calendar you look at everyday you may forget.  If you are lucky someone will just remind you of all the important dates in your life.

One thought on “A lesson in numbers

  1. For a moment there I thought you were going to say something like you remember a number the way I remember numbers, by connecting them to some important date. Your Dad always says it would be easier just to remember the numbers. Not for me.

    I’m with you on the numbers. I have zero math skills.

    Your boss is fortunate to have you there keeping The Office and schedules and dates organized.

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