Urban music…and more weddingness

I pretty much covered wedding weekend in the post below….however, I failed to mention one of my favorite stories of the night: the wedding DJ.

The DJ did a great job, he played all the songs the bride and groom requested, people were dancing- having a great time, etc.  At one point I requested a song, here was our conversation:

A: Can you play “Low?”

DJ: “OH that’s on the playlist, and I’ll be playing more of the urban music as the night goes on, I’m working my way up to that.”

A: (Puzzled by what urban music is)…”well you are the professional”

DJ: “Yeah, I am.”

end convo.

Here is what the DJ played during the “urban music” time:

  • Just Dance
  • Shout
  • Twist and Shout
  • Party in the USA
  • Low
…see how I am confused about what urban music is?
And now some more wedding pictures:

The flowers were gorgeous!

love this picture!

Nathan and Jenna's niece was so adorable!

Cutting the delicious cake!

One thought on “Urban music…and more weddingness

  1. I know nothing about urban music. But I do love those photos. The one of Jenna and her niece, which you list as your fav, is remarkable in that the two are both posed the same. Did you take this photo, Amber? Well done.

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