Back when life made sense

On summer days (and nights) I miss this place:

Someone should know where this is...yes you are right...BZ!

I spent 13 summers at this place, including two full summers at my home away from home…

Yes, you guessed right---Camp Omega!

I miss the ridiculously fun games (many without a point)…

Darebase! So. much. fun.

I miss my wonderful co-counselors (CCFLs!) who always had crazy ideas and amazing amounts of energy…and style.

Camp especially brought out the themed days. They rocked.

I especially miss having these in my life every night…

Songs. Skit. Campfire. Can I go back?


2 thoughts on “Back when life made sense

  1. Given I have the “BZ” photo framed and hanging in my office, I probably should know the words behind those initials. Care to enlighten one of the parents who helped fund most of those summers at camp?

    I’m so happy you have such fond memories of Camp Omega.

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