Shutdown secrets

Some of you may have heard, the Minnesota state government has been shutdown for 17 days.  This means no home health aides, road construction projects, beer permits for businesses, rest stops and state parks are closed.  This is just a SHORT list of all the very important services the governments does that aren’t offered.  My office is open but building is closed, so let me take this opportunity to share with you the behind the scenes: shutdown secrets.

In my office I still have the remnants of this paper chain.  I can’t bring myself to take down the last link.

The Countdown to the Shutdown remains at 1.

As I mentioned about the building I work in is closed.  There is only one way out and one way in. Actually there are many ways out…especially if your sandwich delivery shows up to the wrong door and the caution taped is ignored…and then you can’t get back in and have to walk all the way around the building.  True story.   It’s mostly just a good idea never to forget your badge.

Building closed unless you are on a list.

On Friday it became evident that they were not replacing soap and toilet paper in the bathroom—-granted we had plenty, but apparently other people noticed too and wanted to tell plant management.

I think this worked, as the note was later removed.

There is absolutely nothing left in the vending machine.  Unfortunately my picture of that did not turn out.  So just imagine.  Nothing.

Lastly, to enter/exit our parking ramp there is usually just a bar that comes up and down when you swipe your badge.  Now they have the gate closed too.  I now call it the Gate of Death.  I have screamed several times (almost every morning) when I am certain that the gate is going to shut on me as I am driving.  One of my co-workers almost got taken out on her bicycle by said gate.

The Gate of Death.

I wish I knew more secrets about when the shutdown was going to end but let’s hope it is soon (it will be…shoot secret out).



One thought on “Shutdown secrets

  1. Thanks for sharing these insider secrets. I didn’t know that working in state government could be so potentially dangerous (re. The Gate of Death). So glad you’re safe and stay that way until, and after, state government is officially open.

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