State Fair: Day 2- Tips

In between sneezing and blowing my nose and trying my hardest NOT to give everyone at the fair typhoid, there were some moments of ridiculousness and some tips to pass along (since we’re only on Day 3 of the fair–and don’t be like me and go to the fair all sick or we’ll end up like the Oregon Trail).

How NOT to ride the bus (or how TO ride the bus if you want to be a jerk):  First of all, let’s discuss the transportation.  The bus makes several stops at different parking lots around the U of M campus.  By the time it got to our stop the driver said we could get on but we would have to stand…and I got on and other people got on.  As more people are boarding the bus a lady standing two people away from me starts yelling, “THERE’S NO MORE ROOM!” …pause…more people get on…”STOP!  THIS BUS IS FULL.”  It took everything in me to not turn around and say to her something along the lines of, “there is plenty of room, it is a short trip and this bus is free.”  There was room for at least two-three more people near me.  Americans…

What not to wear (or TO wear depending on how much you like to fit in): There is plenty of great people watching at the fair.  I only wish I could take pictures of everyone I saw and ask them, “what made you think to put that on?”  Here are some fair trends/things you might want to wear/do when at the fair:

  • flip flop jean capris for women
  • button up–think Hawaii–but U of M inspired design for men (I thought of a good friend who will be wearing this one day)
  • Neon (anything)
  • Dressing your family in matching apparel–tye dye works best
  • Carrying your little dog with you
  • fish shirts– specifically designs of large fish all over your shirt–for men or women
  • mustaches within beards
How to get free things: 
Now, to the most wonderful part of the day.  The part where I remembered it was Winona State Alumni Day at the fair.  There was a picnic lunch where I got a t-shirt, a water bottle and the joy of probably being the youngest alum to attend.  It. was. great.

Thank you for the welcome, WSU!

Let’s all slow clap as I will not be seeing the fair again until Wednesday…

State Fair: Day 1- Including Everyone

We even found a way to include Michele Bachmann in the Great Minnesota Get Together:

Well played Ivy, well played. (Seed Art- Agriculture Building)

I will be at the fair (working) four more days and hope to include something special on the blog every day I’m there.

Apron-like dress? Winner?

This is mostly for my mom- 1.) I know she reads this blog religiously. 2.) She will probably ask me how much I spent on a dress I could have made (we all know that will be a small miracle when sewing happens).  So behold, the dress:

The winner after deciding between two that I liked very much and throwing one out that looked like a sheet (I'm not kidding).

So I’ve come to the conclusion that this dress kind of looks like an apron, thoughts?  Mom?  I could tell the sales girl thought so too and then reassured me it was cute.  I bought it.  I will wear it proudly (and pretend I do things like cook).  And aprons are cute, right apron-hoarder friends?

Note: Someday I will get a new camera, which will improve picture quality 100%, until then this works.

And also, my favorite video from the week: Bon Iver–who recently was featured in NatGeo for this spectacular music video.  (Life goal win Bon Iver tickets to his Mpls. show)

Wedding weekend marathon wrap-up…

Before I get to the wedding weekend marathon wrap-up, things have been happening.  I’ve been growing up.  Now that I’m 25.5 (yes, I just had my half birthday!) I’ve been drinking coffee.  I mentioned it before but now it’s become more of an addiction—like I get headaches if I don’t have some caffeine.  Awesome.  Today I thought, “it is time I learned HOW to make coffee.” Yep, for the past three months I’ve been relying on others–my boss, Caribou, etc. to make it for me.  It’s worked until nobody is there…and then I did some googling and boom: I’m an adult and can make my own coffee. (actually it wasn’t that great and it needed to be way stronger, live and learn.

Other exciting things have been happening (I mean, coffee making IS pretty exciting but there’s more…).  The puzzle is done.  Yes, three weeks I dedicated to this baby.

1000 pieces done.

I would count that as one of my 2011 successes.

This past weekend I did a little wedding attending…and by little I mean a lot.  Friday was my cousin Lindsey’s wedding to Brent!  It was a full on family affair: “Table 12 is the FUN table.”  (aka the cousin’s table NOT the kid’s table Kristina)…

I like to make the little brother take pictures with me.

I also make the bride take pictures with me! (photo credits to my mom)

The wedding dance was a fun time.  There was the whole awkward part of another bride showing up–maybe she was confused as to which room her wedding dance was being held in?  It makes for a good story now.  Congratulations Brent and Lindsey!

Annnnnnnnnnnd then after sleeping for 6 1/2 hours I woke at 6 a.m. to drive to wedding number two for the weekend (wedding marathon).  My dear friend Anna married Dan (I want to call them Danna).

Their wedding was SO beautiful and precious—from the vows to the dress to the cake pops to their hour wedding dance.  I loved it!

Clearly, the wedding reception was at Circus World, a place I had never known that I would always want to go to.

me, JaNahn and Laura with Anna, the lovely bride! (photo credits to Laura)

Congratulations Dan and Anna!  Wedding marathon weekend was SO much fun.  That closes out wedding season 2011, but fear not there is more to summer besides weddings.  In the coming weeks: friend staycation, the State Fair (yes, that’s happening again), rooftop movies (tonight!) and lots more summer fun!

p.s. The dog that bit me does not have rabies!  Hooray!

The dog days are over…wait…

Summer= too short in MN.  Today the first leaves of fall may have been spotted.  No, I don’t joke about these things.  (Talk to J if you need proof of that). So it’s been kind of busy around here trying to cram a million and half things in and spending time with some of my favorite people.

Like last weekend: spur of the moment trip to Rochester.

Tiffany and Laura were great road trip companions.

Tiffany’s parents showed us the sights of Rochester and it was wonderful.  We even took in the Olmsted County Fair.

I forgot how much I love county fairs until this moment in the cow barn. Luckily there were no miracles (also it was 100 degrees).

Surprisingly, they did not ask me to milk this cow but I did get to practice milking a fake cow.  Highlight of the day.

Another highlight was the ice cream.  Some would say it was the world’s best ice cream.  Others would say we had the world’s best ice cream in Argentina last summer.  It’s hard to say who’s right, but it was delicious. (and the photo credit goes to Laura for all these great pics of our road adventure—my camera may or may not be working, I haven’t had the heart to test it).

Like any good trip, ice cream was involved.

Not to out-do last weekend but this weekend has been pretty summer-spectacular and dog- related (hence the title of this post has many facets).  For all the dog stories/drama today you would think I own a dog.

  • Powderhorn Art Fest: Woman carrying dog strapped to the front of her body (like a small baby).
  • Man talking and walking dogs in circles while waiting for his coffee–and taking pictures of the dogs with his phone AND showing the dogs.
  • And then maybe the most traumatizing incident.  J and I were walking around a seemingly cute neighborhood, waiting for our pizza to be done.  We come across a house with a small dog tied up in the front yard.  As we approach the dog does not bark or run to us.  When we get closer it runs to us, barking wildly. J screams first and there is running and screaming from both of us.  The leash was a mile long and as I’m running to the street the dog bites me.  I’m hoping I don’t get rabies or some other disease, it’s my half birthday this week, exciting things are going to be happening.

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