We’re celebrating!

There was SO much excitement today in The Office when I realized we were celebrating a special day tomorrow.  There was mostly excitement on my end when I wholeheartly agreed to make cupcakes for said day…although there was discussion that if I didn’t make treats there would BE treats at lunch.  Don’t worry co-workers, I may have outdid myself.

Any guesses as to what we are celebrating?

Yes, that's red, white and blue...and yes that's a flaming W on my shirt (GO WARRIORS!)

p.s. If you don’t love politics you probably won’t know.  Unless you know random facts about holidays that fall on September 17.

p.p.s. Baking may have been interrupted by dance parties to the like of Bon Iver (interpretive) and Foster the People (fist pumps)…I’m sure you expect nothing less from me.


3 thoughts on “We’re celebrating!

  1. Teachers might know too. Some schools require their teachers to do something for Constitution Day with their students.

    At first, in the thumbnail of your picture visible on fb, I thought it was a picture of you at work, and was concerned about you wearing a Winona t-shirt to work with some sort of floral vest over it. Now I see that it is an apron over your t-shirt and you are at home, so I have restored faith in your fashion sense.

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