…17 again…

I LOVED being 17.  I thought it was the best age.  I really have no idea why, I just remember loving it.  Occasionally I like to forget I’m really 25 and have a job and responsibilities so imagine my excitement when I found this gem at the library this weekend:

Yes, that's right Sweet Valley's back!

Jessica and Elizabeth….10 years later!  Could my life get any better? Yes it could.  I will be reading this book when I am on vacation to Southern California, where the book is set.  !!!!!!!!!!!  All my dreams are coming true. !!!!!!!!!!!

Back to being an adult.  I made a large semi-impulsive purchase today–a new digital camera!  Boom.  Usually it takes me 9257 years to make a decision, but not today.  I read a little consumer reports, researched some prices on the internet and then drove to Best Buy contemplated for about 10 minutes and then bought it.  I have no regrets about this.  Hello beautiful pictures of vacation!

Tomorrow will begin and end the work week for me.  love. love. love.


One thought on “…17 again…

  1. Oh, my goodness, Amber, just a few days ago I told your brother I wished I was the kid again and not the adult, that it’s easier when you’re the kid because you don’t need to make decisions and deal with adult issues/problems/responsibilities.

    Also, as you are likely aware, I do not like to make decisions either, certainly not hasty ones. I ponder too much and for too long.

    Sweet Valley books are back? I remember processing so many of those and the Babysitter Club books for the school library. BTW, I found some Spice Girls pencils when I was cleaning the closet in your former bedroom last week. The actual Spice Girls dolls must be tucked into the back corner of the closet, which I did not clean.

    Good to see you are blogging regularly.

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