Bring it back: high school

I was doing a little cleaning this afternoon and I found this gem:

Actually this was my junior year picture and our colors weren't even red...

Yes, that’s right–it’s not my college ID it’s my high school ID from senior year.  Who knows why I was keeping it but maybe I will use it when I go to the play that my little brother is in this week.  I’m sure the student activity fee waiver still applies—speaking of which, my little brother is a senior in high school.  That’s crazy.  I was home this weekend looking over his schedule,  just a little FYI to all you Faribault alums out there: they now have homeroom.  Remember when there was such a big deal about homerooms changing to Primetime…blah…blah…now HR is back…oh how the times have changed.  This week I’ll be headed back to FHS to catch this play and see if they have decided to put my picture up on the wall or name something after me.

One other awesome thing I found while cleaning–a letter I had written to my future self senior year of high school.  It said, “hopefully you have a job working in government.”  I guess my high school self could tell the future.

p.s. On a different note I’m LOVING the new car.  The thing I love most that I didn’t realize I would love: heated seats.


2 thoughts on “Bring it back: high school

  1. I am so excited that you are cleaning, Amber. Does this mean you are ready to delve into those boxes in your former Faribault bedroom? You may find some Camp Omega manuals you no longer need, or… Think of the fun you will have looking back as you sort through your treasures.

    Please let me know when you are coming for your brother’s play. And bring a friend from the big city of Minneapolis if you wish.

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