Family + Fireworks = Family Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Family Christmas was highly anticipated this year and did not disappoint!

There were hats, hats and hats.  Last year one of my aunts wore a crazy hat to church and we gave her a hard time about it.  It was decided that hats should be worn this year, by everyone so my aunt being the hat collector she is, brought 10 or so along for us.

Most of the hats were pretty elaborate, my oldest cousin had an awesome baby bird hat (not pictured).

Then surprise of all surprises, SANTA CAME!

It really is Santa!

Santa used to come to Christmas when we were younger, and we were so happy to see him again!

And of course, there were fireworks.  You know…just a short 20 minute show…typical family Christmas…the best part is maybe my aunt saying, “we have to get those ones for next time.”  (We’ll also have to work on getting a bald eagle for next time and patriotic music.)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back: Merry Christmas!

Welcome to my new computer and the laziness my blogging has taken on (I’ll write something awesome soon, when I have some great stories after Christmas).

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