Lesson Learned: Push that Panic Button

Session brings everyone to my building, most of the time it’s easier to just avoid the halls, most the time that’s tricky to do (especially if you need to use the bathroom or get coffee or eat food).  We’re only three days into session and I’ve ran away–yep, ran in the back door of my office– from lobbyists, pointed lost interns in the right direction (they were looking for me) and almost got shot (may be an exaggeration).  Continue reading for the story, except you Mom, just stop reading now.

Yesterday, upon returning from the restroom I ran into a man looking slightly confused.  He didn’t know where to go and being my helpful self I asked him if he needed help.  Then for a good 15 minutes he proceeded to tell me his whole story about people being out to get him, the police keeping tabs on him and other crazy things.  As we’re still talking in the hall he proceeds to tell me about the gun he bought and how he would take matters into his own hands.  That got me back to paying attention again.  Not knowing what else to do I told him to come into my office to see if I could find a number of where to direct him to help.  After I found an apparently useless phone number, he took another 20 minutes and told me and my co-worker about his dilemmas.   After this saga we were running out of ways to get him to leave our office.  At one point I thought that he would never leave.  Then out of his pocket (seemingly out of nowhere) came papers, my co-worker and I both thought it was going to be a gun.  Soon after that we were able to send him on his way. Security was called, a report filed and someone (mostly me) got a stern lecture about pushing the panic button.  Lesson learned.  Always push the panic button and try to be less friendly.

Bonus! Here’s a show I think is HILARIOUS.  They love recycling almost as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned: Push that Panic Button

  1. Yes, I should have stopped reading when you suggested I stop reading. Thank goodness you got that lecture. Perhaps you should carry a portable, remote panic button clicker. Be safe, my daughter, and I will be calling to give you my own lecture.

  2. I love the Portlandia clip. Craig and I watched all of the episodes in the first season recently. We really liked the beginning episodes, but then it got too weird for me. I’ve been to Portland quite a few times (Craig went to school there.), and some (most) of that is definitely true about the city!

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