Thrifting: and then THIS happened

Let’s all put aside our judging about wearing animal fur.  I am the first to admit: I never thought I would be doing this.   Could I pass this up?  No, no I could not.

Adorable, yes?

That might be real animal fur.  It’s hard to tell.  It was also thrifted, so the animal has been gone for some time, maybe since the 1970s…so I bought it.  It is in amazing condition and orginally from a high-end department store in Faribault.  The price?  $12.50.  Boom.  Please don’t throw paint on me.  Seriously.  Pretend it’s fake.

Also, my mom kept calling me Mary Tyler Moore, so I'll be wearing this while throwing my hat in the air.

2 thoughts on “Thrifting: and then THIS happened

  1. You beat me to posting about this. Watch for my version, publishing on Friday.

    I’m still thrilling in this find. Glad you decided to try on the coat, fur collar and all. It looks great on you. And what a bargain at the half-price cost of $12.50.

    And that would be a tam you need to complete the Mary Tyler Moore look.

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