The best month.

Theoretically, this should have been posted on the 1st….well shoot….welcome to February, the BEST month.  You may disagree, but what happens in February that we all love?  Lots of birthdays!  Some quick stats on February birthdays (which may or may not be all true).

  • The highest percentage of my family members were born in the month of February.
  • February 29 is the least common day to have a birthday.
  • Only four U.S. presidents (Reagan, Harrison, Lincoln and Washington) were born in this month, but it was decided to celebrate President’s Day in February (for obvious reasons).
  • People who are born in February are more enthusiastic about celebrating their half-birthdays.
  • I need to find friends who are born on February 4, 12 and 29 and then I can properly celebrate birthdays everyday this month.
  • Those who share February as a birth month love finding fellow birthday-sharers (or maybe this is just me).

I only hope you find a way to enjoy this wonderful month as much as I do.  Happy Birthday, birthday-month sharers!  This is just for you:

3 thoughts on “The best month.

  1. I know several people with birthdays on February 12. I will introduce you. Plus that may have been my due date. So if nothing else, we can celebrate the day that could have been Laura’s birthday.

  2. Jon’s grandma’s birthday is on February 29th. I am certain you met her at our wedding, you could call her your friend! Technically speaking, her grandchildren are older than she is! Crazy isn’t it? Happy Birthday Month!

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