To the 1990s

Last post we went back to the 1980s.  This post we will journey back to the early 1990s.  Last night it became apparent that I was a board game model in the 1990s:

The game ended and after examining the cover for some time I realized I had the same scarf on as the woman in this picture.  SO great.  Laura pulled out a yellow cardigan, I put on a cheesy smile and it was clear, I had a board game doppelganger.  I can’t even make this stuff up, it just happens to me.

How to wear: legwarmers

Before today there were only two things that changed my life (fashion-wise):  leggings and scarfs.  Now I am proud to say there is one more thing to add to that list: legwarmers!  Yes, we’re bringing them back Minneapolis.

All of my favorite items of clothing.

You might say, “Really Amber, can we get over the 1980s and please NOT wear legwarmers?”  Hello, have you worn them? In the short 2 hours I have been wearing them I have found the awesomeness to outweigh the potential ridiculousness:

1.) they are warm

2.) they cover up the giant bruises on my legs from biking 30 miles (I realize this might not be an issue for everyone)

3.) I never wore legwarmers as a child so I’m just catching up with everyone else.

Now, onto the important part: how to wear legwarmers.  First of all see the above picture, this is mainly how I will be wearing them.  From my extensive googling research I learned that you can also wear them with tights and heels.  I might try this out for the December wedding I’m going to.   Don’t be nervous, you can wear legwarmers too.  Your legs will thank you when it is -30 degrees out.

At least we have fall

Since returning to the motherland….it’s been hard to come up with awesome reasons to live here this time of year.  Today was 40ish degrees, cloudy and dreary.  It will be that way for at least 5 more month–s except we’ll add in some snow, extreme cold and more clouds.   Fun!  There is one thing we do have that the southern states don’t have: fall.   Behold: fall in Minnesota.

Changing leaves...

I thought this would be gone when I got back from the West.

Confirmed: we got extra weeks of fall this year, this also happened 3 weeks ago (on different trees obviously).

I guess we have nice sunsets too...

Favorite life moment: LA Critical Mass

Friday night I got to do something SO amazing: ride a bike with hundreds of other people through the streets of Los Angeles.  Like ON the street, taking up an entire lane of traffic.  How does this happen you ask?  Continue reading.

1.) Visit your awesome friends in LA.  Spend an entire day thrifting and bartering for Halloween costumes (“so you’re asking me how much I want to pay for this?….how about $5?”)

A tooth fairy, pajama-wig-wearing hippy and a flying pig (all the pink just sort of happened...)

2.) Convince your Minnesota friend that lives in Cali during the week to not fly home to Minnesota but instead hang out with your new California friends.

Tim got to tell everyone about critical mass Mpls, so his staying worked out well.

3.)  Ride your bikes 30 miles (YES 30 MILES!)  throughout downtown LA, Hollywood, East LA and various other neighborhoods.  You may even strike up some interesting conversations with LAPD officers about how tall women are in Minnesota or how great the music was in the 1970s.

4.) Have a friend with you that has a great Halloween costume.

Elliot and ET- win for most creative costume.

5.) Take in how incredibly random your bike riding group of friends were.  SO many great memories!

Worlds riding brings everyone together (again so much pink!)

There’s always money in the banana stand…

Here I am in SoCal, on vacation!  Loving it?  Yes.  I meant to blog earlier but there was a tiny problem with my new camera (which takes amazing pictures)….the card reader on my computer does not want to accept the pictures…so sad.  Phone pictures will just have to work for now.

Day one was filled with walking through Hollywood–I was pretty pumped to see the stars, the Hollywood sign and hipsters—I felt like I was in Mpls.  (The most creepy part of the day was when we saw a man dressed as Michael Jackson, we are pretty sure that he had surgery to have MJ’s face become his face).

Yesterday, Beth and I met up with Tim, a friend from Minnesota that is working in Irvine.  We met Tim for lunch and then Beth and I wandered over to Newport and Balboa Island for the afternoon.  Imagine my excitement when I saw this:

Yes, a real life Banana Stand

Of course I had to buy a banana…and how luck would have it the girl working there was a Maeby look-alike!  We were convinced she was on the phone with George Michael  (If you have no idea what I am talking about it’s Arrested Development).

We also took in some beach yesterday…. of the benefits of going to the beach in the off season. No one is there!

Tim met up with us after work (after a phone call conversation of me telling him several times, “do not take the ferry,” “we don’t have to take the ferry anymore today.” –Beth said it was hilarious to listen to.  We drove on down to Laguna Beach, his second home where he showed us around the city.  It was a delightful evening.  We watched the sun set on the beach, drove up to a lookout only to find dancing? happening, ate tacos and of course ate more froyo.  (It is my California goal to eat froyo everyday I am here–so far I am 2/2!)

…17 again…

I LOVED being 17.  I thought it was the best age.  I really have no idea why, I just remember loving it.  Occasionally I like to forget I’m really 25 and have a job and responsibilities so imagine my excitement when I found this gem at the library this weekend:

Yes, that's right Sweet Valley's back!

Jessica and Elizabeth….10 years later!  Could my life get any better? Yes it could.  I will be reading this book when I am on vacation to Southern California, where the book is set.  !!!!!!!!!!!  All my dreams are coming true. !!!!!!!!!!!

Back to being an adult.  I made a large semi-impulsive purchase today–a new digital camera!  Boom.  Usually it takes me 9257 years to make a decision, but not today.  I read a little consumer reports, researched some prices on the internet and then drove to Best Buy contemplated for about 10 minutes and then bought it.  I have no regrets about this.  Hello beautiful pictures of vacation!

Tomorrow will begin and end the work week for me.  love. love. love.

Fall fun: out. of. control.

Sorry friends (and Mom) it’s been 5000 days since I last posted.  Life has gotten crazy busy.  So here I’m back now and now I will share what I have been up to:

1.) Booking vacations.  On a whim I decided to visit my lovely college friend Beth.  She lives in CA…as in California.  I bought the ticket last week and leave next week. Pumped? Yes.  In college we always found the most random (bluff climbing, trip to Chicago, concerts, guitar hero at Rock Solid…) things to do. And it was all great.  I have no doubts this trip will be a blasty-blast.

Can't wait to see you Beth!

2.)  Thrifting for adorable fall frocks.  I may have went on a semi-out of control hunt for boots today.  Not successful.

3.) Celebrating birthdays!  October is the 2nd most popular month after February for my friends to have birthdays in!  One day we went to an apple orchard another day we went to a trampoline world.  Seriously.

Fall fun and birthdays! Boom. *photo credit to Laura!

4.) Making plans for New Years Eve.  It may be two months away but concert tickets are bought…we will be ringing in 2012 with Caroline Smith and the Sleepers…or Good Night Sleeps and DAWES.  Outfits are set.  Now there will be no worry about what to do on NYE.  Problem avoided.

Next up.  Posting from Cali…I’ll do my best to make this happen….

We’re celebrating!

There was SO much excitement today in The Office when I realized we were celebrating a special day tomorrow.  There was mostly excitement on my end when I wholeheartly agreed to make cupcakes for said day…although there was discussion that if I didn’t make treats there would BE treats at lunch.  Don’t worry co-workers, I may have outdid myself.

Any guesses as to what we are celebrating?

Yes, that's red, white and blue...and yes that's a flaming W on my shirt (GO WARRIORS!)

p.s. If you don’t love politics you probably won’t know.  Unless you know random facts about holidays that fall on September 17.

p.p.s. Baking may have been interrupted by dance parties to the like of Bon Iver (interpretive) and Foster the People (fist pumps)…I’m sure you expect nothing less from me.

Everything you have wanted to know

I know, it has been awhile.  Life happens and SO many things keep me busy.  Mostly things like the State Fair and work (LOTS of work) and friends.

There are a few things I have been promising, things you want to know: like my my mom’s lasagna recipe, which I will e-mail upon request. You CAN make it—I’m the expert at baking/cooking failures and I succeeded. *high fives all around!*

Other awesome things you want to know: how much I love indie music.  I’ve took the liberty to note some of my recent favorites NEW artists (yeah, I’m pulling the hipster card and liking bands before they get big) and list them out for you to get on your iPod or your next mixed CD.  You are welcome.

  • Mount Moriah
  • Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps
  • Howler
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • Ryan Adams
Lastly, for everyone’s entertainment, and yes, this IS what we have been up to this summer:

Laura and I went on the Oregon Trail with Beth this summer! (credit to Laura for the photo)

In all seriousness we are PUMPED for Beth Moore study to start again.  Laura wrote up at little post on it you can see at the Women at Hope blog.  (There are also some other GREAT pictures of us with Beth!)

State Fair: Day 2- Tips

In between sneezing and blowing my nose and trying my hardest NOT to give everyone at the fair typhoid, there were some moments of ridiculousness and some tips to pass along (since we’re only on Day 3 of the fair–and don’t be like me and go to the fair all sick or we’ll end up like the Oregon Trail).

How NOT to ride the bus (or how TO ride the bus if you want to be a jerk):  First of all, let’s discuss the transportation.  The bus makes several stops at different parking lots around the U of M campus.  By the time it got to our stop the driver said we could get on but we would have to stand…and I got on and other people got on.  As more people are boarding the bus a lady standing two people away from me starts yelling, “THERE’S NO MORE ROOM!” …pause…more people get on…”STOP!  THIS BUS IS FULL.”  It took everything in me to not turn around and say to her something along the lines of, “there is plenty of room, it is a short trip and this bus is free.”  There was room for at least two-three more people near me.  Americans…

What not to wear (or TO wear depending on how much you like to fit in): There is plenty of great people watching at the fair.  I only wish I could take pictures of everyone I saw and ask them, “what made you think to put that on?”  Here are some fair trends/things you might want to wear/do when at the fair:

  • flip flop jean capris for women
  • button up–think Hawaii–but U of M inspired design for men (I thought of a good friend who will be wearing this one day)
  • Neon (anything)
  • Dressing your family in matching apparel–tye dye works best
  • Carrying your little dog with you
  • fish shirts– specifically designs of large fish all over your shirt–for men or women
  • mustaches within beards
How to get free things: 
Now, to the most wonderful part of the day.  The part where I remembered it was Winona State Alumni Day at the fair.  There was a picnic lunch where I got a t-shirt, a water bottle and the joy of probably being the youngest alum to attend.  It. was. great.

Thank you for the welcome, WSU!

Let’s all slow clap as I will not be seeing the fair again until Wednesday…

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