A proper farewell to 2011

Yes, I understand that 2011 ended approximately one week ago, but things were busy, and here I am today, ready to review 2011 (per usual, I’ve tried to pick the most awkward pictures, you are welcome friends, you are welcome).


City of Lakes Loppet. My FAVORITE winter activity in Minneapolis.

February birthday celebrating. Having a February birthday is a big deal.

Trip to Florida, not complete without finger mustached pictures with Pavano and realizing you are old enough to rent a car after it is too late.


Easter is chilly in Minnesota, naturally I hosted egg dying.

During Spring RE-treat Tiffany and I spent 90% of our time wearing these shirts and directing hundreds of people where to go.

Jenna decided to marry Nathan, so I rounded up 201 and we had a Bachelorette Party.


It was all about Jenna (and Nathan).

It took some practicing but I ended up with the bouquet (sorry Kayla!)

A little government shutdown happened over the summer, I couldn't take time off, but I went to Wisconsin anyway.

I got to see my sister as a real, live adult!

There was also an impromptu trip to Rochester

And then another trip to WI to see the lovey Anna get married!

There were many Twins games, many of which the Twins neglected to show up for (let's not repeat this season anytime soon)


The fall brought apple orchards visits!

And trips to California to wear awesome costumes and see wonderful friends!November brought me a new car and a promotion (no, the car did not come WITH the promotion, I should have negotiated for that).

There was one more wedding to end 2011!

Farewell 2011, farewell.

p.s. Thanks to my awesome friends who posted a bazillion of these pictures on the internets, after the great computer crash of 2011 I had 0 pictures in my possession, so thanks for documenting my life.

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