NYE: 2 months in the making

Back in October we made our New Years Eve plans.  October.  Our favorite band was playing at the Varsity and when your favorite band plays on NYE you make plans to be there.  Especially after your biggest regret of 2011: not going to their November show at First Ave.  That’s right we saw Dawes. And Caroline Smith and the Sleepers (or Goodnight Sleeps).  It was bomb.

Before the concert I threw some things together for a little dinner party.  12 people.  2011 memories.  Homemade lasagna.  An amazing cake made by Laura.

Just a little craft project I put together...

I’m not sure the topics of conversation at the grown-up table, but I heard plenty of laughter, so I can only assume that they were having a great time.  They did miss out on the North Korea Party Rock Anthem that was pulled out on youtube (you know your party is going good?  when youtube videos start…)

Some of my favorite people!

The kids table.

After dinner we went to the show, which was delightful and started off 2012 with plenty of joy!

Thanks for ringing in 2012 with me friends!

Happy 2012! SO many great memories from 2011!

Noah, Joy, John Paul and Co.

This past week I’ve been to not one, but TWO shows.  Were they both delightful? Yes.  Would I recommend them to a friend? Yes.  Last week was the Civil Wars with opener Milo Greene.  I really enjoyed Milo Greene.  I usually listen to obscure music, but I hadn’t even heard this fun band.  They played multiple instruments and they were promptly nicknamed “Mumford and Daughter.”   Here’s a video.   I would like them to visit Minneapolis again one day.

Almost outdone, Joy and John Paul put together a lovely show–not without some awkward dance moves by Joy Williams.

Concert #2- Noah and the Whale with some terrible opener I would like to never hear again (sorry Nikki Lane, you were not my favorite and will probably not become successful with your band).  Then we got to Noah and the Whale–and they were amazing.  They had some great harmonies and mad violin skills and wore suits and were just generally adorable and talented and if they came back to Mpls. I would be there in a heartbeat.  Thanks Beth for introducing me to Noah and co. in California!

Next concert on the horizon is Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps and Dawes on NYE, ringing in 2012 with Dawes and awesome friends–sure to be a great concert!

Everything you have wanted to know

I know, it has been awhile.  Life happens and SO many things keep me busy.  Mostly things like the State Fair and work (LOTS of work) and friends.

There are a few things I have been promising, things you want to know: like my my mom’s lasagna recipe, which I will e-mail upon request. You CAN make it—I’m the expert at baking/cooking failures and I succeeded. *high fives all around!*

Other awesome things you want to know: how much I love indie music.  I’ve took the liberty to note some of my recent favorites NEW artists (yeah, I’m pulling the hipster card and liking bands before they get big) and list them out for you to get on your iPod or your next mixed CD.  You are welcome.

  • Mount Moriah
  • Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps
  • Howler
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • Ryan Adams
Lastly, for everyone’s entertainment, and yes, this IS what we have been up to this summer:

Laura and I went on the Oregon Trail with Beth this summer! (credit to Laura for the photo)

In all seriousness we are PUMPED for Beth Moore study to start again.  Laura wrote up at little post on it you can see at the Women at Hope blog.  (There are also some other GREAT pictures of us with Beth!)

The Chart Show

The Current is counting down their top 89 from 2010.  I thought I’d share my votes, some quality music!

10.  Vampire Weekend: Giving up the Gun [my friend calls them preppy]

9.  Communist Daughter: Not the Kid [I saw them in Loring Park this summer and they bring out your hipster side]

8.  Dan Mangan: Road Regrets [Great video, I think we will hear more of Dan Mangan in 2011]

7.  Atmosphere: Freefallin’ [I couldn’t find a clip of this song, but it’s good, trust me.  And they are from Minneapolis too]

6.  Janelle Monae: Cold War [She has a great voice…and amazing hair, really how does one get their hair to stay like that?]

5.  Arcade Fire: The Suburbs [They are catchy and I bet 5 million people will like them in 2011.

4.  Florence and the Machine: Dog Days Are Over [This reminds me of summer and makes my heart so happy.  I especially like to listen to it in winter.]

3.  The National: Bloodbuzz Ohio [They have unique voices I also like their song “Terrible Love” it was hard to chose what song to vote for.]

2.  Dawes: When My Time Comes [I saw them in concert this year and they were amazing. I don’t want to listen to their songs on my ipod because of how great they sound live.  Minneapolis loves Dawes.]

1.  Mumford and Sons: Winter Winds [This year everyone loves Mumford which makes concert tickets hard to get.  Goal in 2011- see them live.  I would recommend every song in their “Sigh No More” album to a friend.  Every. song.  They are that good.

*Honorable mention: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Home

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