Someone’s sister has a birthday…!

That would be me, my sister has a birthday!  Since I couldn’t actually celebrate the big 2-4 with my sister today I decided to look over some pictures and take a little trip down memory lane (don’t worry Mir these pictures aren’t THAT embarrassing!)

Let me start by saying 24 years ago I wasn’t too excited to be getting a little sister.  My aunt may have even brought it to my mom’s attention that I was pinching my new baby sister…

There are a million pictures of us like this---more often than not we are dressed alike, I guess that's what you do when you have daughters.

When you have a sister so close in age you find that you have many of the same tendencies, or are mistaken for being the other person, especially by your parents. Amber…Miranda…NO…Amber…one of you…!

Sorry Tib, thumb sucking was my bad influence on your childhood.

Being the older sister I could usually convince Miranda to do a lot of things–roller skate in circles around the basement to the Beach Boys, wake up early to play with the kitchen set…and yes, even set up our backyard into a tiny nursery for our dolls.

circ. 1992

Many awesome things to note about the above picture: our outfits—although I wish I still had that bag…and those shoes.  Miranda’s hair–everyone loved her blond curly hair.

One day we got a little brother, we handled it the best way we could…

I'm 100% sure this was my idea, but look how much fun we are having!

Of course we shared a room that we spent many days arranging and rearranging (sorry Mom!), agreeing on bedspreads and fighting about what we would hang on the walls.

So many, many beanie babies

Now we have real jobs and apartments and lives in different states.  Tibby, remember when we said we would be SO old when Caleb graduated from high school?  Now here we are, SO old.   Happy Birthday Tibby!  You are the best sister I could ask for–love you!

Let's go on vacation again!

Fall fun: out. of. control.

Sorry friends (and Mom) it’s been 5000 days since I last posted.  Life has gotten crazy busy.  So here I’m back now and now I will share what I have been up to:

1.) Booking vacations.  On a whim I decided to visit my lovely college friend Beth.  She lives in CA…as in California.  I bought the ticket last week and leave next week. Pumped? Yes.  In college we always found the most random (bluff climbing, trip to Chicago, concerts, guitar hero at Rock Solid…) things to do. And it was all great.  I have no doubts this trip will be a blasty-blast.

Can't wait to see you Beth!

2.)  Thrifting for adorable fall frocks.  I may have went on a semi-out of control hunt for boots today.  Not successful.

3.) Celebrating birthdays!  October is the 2nd most popular month after February for my friends to have birthdays in!  One day we went to an apple orchard another day we went to a trampoline world.  Seriously.

Fall fun and birthdays! Boom. *photo credit to Laura!

4.) Making plans for New Years Eve.  It may be two months away but concert tickets are bought…we will be ringing in 2012 with Caroline Smith and the Sleepers…or Good Night Sleeps and DAWES.  Outfits are set.  Now there will be no worry about what to do on NYE.  Problem avoided.

Next up.  Posting from Cali…I’ll do my best to make this happen….

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