Apron-like dress? Winner?

This is mostly for my mom- 1.) I know she reads this blog religiously. 2.) She will probably ask me how much I spent on a dress I could have made (we all know that will be a small miracle when sewing happens).  So behold, the dress:

The winner after deciding between two that I liked very much and throwing one out that looked like a sheet (I'm not kidding).

So I’ve come to the conclusion that this dress kind of looks like an apron, thoughts?  Mom?  I could tell the sales girl thought so too and then reassured me it was cute.  I bought it.  I will wear it proudly (and pretend I do things like cook).  And aprons are cute, right apron-hoarder friends?

Note: Someday I will get a new camera, which will improve picture quality 100%, until then this works.

And also, my favorite video from the week: Bon Iver–who recently was featured in NatGeo for this spectacular music video.  (Life goal win Bon Iver tickets to his Mpls. show)

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