Happy Birthday Little Brother!!

My little brother is the big 1-8 today.  I know, I KNOW!   How this is possible?  I do not know.  Here is what I do know:

Once he was a baby, born one day before my 8th birthday.

Miranda and I wanted a little sister.  I wanted a sister for the advantageous reason of getting my own room…that didn’t happen.

Here I am in my older child role, "MOM, take a picture!!"

Miranda and I decided we would keep our little brother.  We spent a lot of time babysitting him, holding his puke bucket when he was sick (you’re welcome Mom and Dad) and gave him lots of nicknames: Buddy, Brother, Little Buddy, Cabby, Cabby-O, Little C Monster, Cab…

This about sums up our relationship...

Now since my brother is nearly a real life adult…somewhere along the way he turned into a little genius– winning science awards and accepted into a bunch of colleges!  We are SO proud.  Love you little buddy (even though you are a head taller than me) HAPPY BIRTHDAY (even though you call me old on the phone)!

So many talents, even an actor!

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