Somebody turn off those crickets!

This weekend’s camping trip nearly turned into a fiasco several times, mostly in the preparations, but it turned out to be a fantastic weekend–you know it will be a great weekend when you all pull up to the fast food parking lot with your caravan of cars all playing, “Proud to be an American.”  Sunday morning when we were all sitting around the fire I asked everyone to share their favorite part of the camping trip (yes I was the mom, I even made David’s sandwich), most everyone agreed that the canoe trip and swimming in the river were some of the best times.  One person’s favorite was, “watching Nate and Tiffany tip their canoe, that was pretty funny.”  Yes, one canoe tipped and it was carrying all the valuables.  Bummer.  Jeromie and I dominated the other canoes and came in first place (although nobody else knew we were racing…).

Other memorable times included, the park ranger stopping by our site the second evening to tell us there had been noise complaints and to remind us that there are “many families here who are trying to get some shut eye at 10:00 p.m.”).  We wanted to tell him to turn off the babies, car alarms and crickets…especially the crickets, sheesh we are from the city!

Camping weekend was a win-win-win.  David and Aaron’s giggling and waving as they waded across the river was proof of that.  =)

We also came prepared with lots of marshmallows and chocolate because as you may have heard, any camping problem can be fixed with those.  We were glad we did not actually have to use them to fix any problems, but could eat them.

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