Hey Twenty-six, I like you!

My birthday was about a week ago and since then I’ve been too busy to properly document my birthday happenings (but let’s be honest, birthday celebrating really takes up the entire month of February, so posting now is just fine).  I’ve also decided that so far being 26 is pretty great.  Did not see that one coming after the mini-mid life crisis I had of turning 25…some favorite birthday celebrations:

Celebrating my birthday at work. You may think, “why would you want to work on your birthday?”  Answer: because my co-workers love celebrating my birthday with me.  Evident in the plants, brownies, balloon, cinnamon roll, birthday greetings and general merriment.  For the first time since working at the Office, no one said, “Are you old enough to vote now???”
Celebrating my birthday with friends.   Laura suggested going out for fro-yo on my birthday.  Clearly, my friends know the way to my happiness.

Yes, those are 26 candles in my fro-yo! The next day I got the most amazing fro-yo present ever (thanks Laura and Tiffany!)

Celebrating my birthday with the Twins.  Sadly, I did not go to Florida for this one (shocking, I know)…but Scott our “idea’s man” (see you got another shout out Scott!)  suggested that Laura and I invite our friends over to watch Game 7 of the 1991 World Series.  Best. idea. ever.  Laura wrote a stellar post on the party and if I tried to write one it would not even compare.  Just read her blog.

Surprisingly none of the Twins made it into this photo with us.

And that about rounds out the birthday celebrating (for this past week).  It’s pretty clear I have the BEST family and friends.

The best month.

Theoretically, this should have been posted on the 1st….well shoot….welcome to February, the BEST month.  You may disagree, but what happens in February that we all love?  Lots of birthdays!  Some quick stats on February birthdays (which may or may not be all true).

  • The highest percentage of my family members were born in the month of February.
  • February 29 is the least common day to have a birthday.
  • Only four U.S. presidents (Reagan, Harrison, Lincoln and Washington) were born in this month, but it was decided to celebrate President’s Day in February (for obvious reasons).
  • People who are born in February are more enthusiastic about celebrating their half-birthdays.
  • I need to find friends who are born on February 4, 12 and 29 and then I can properly celebrate birthdays everyday this month.
  • Those who share February as a birth month love finding fellow birthday-sharers (or maybe this is just me).

I only hope you find a way to enjoy this wonderful month as much as I do.  Happy Birthday, birthday-month sharers!  This is just for you:

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