Item of the day: Animal Barrettes

Today’s item of the day: animal barrettes.  I found these gems somewhere, it is even a mystery to me where I got them.  What I did know is that they are bomb.  Wouldn’t you want to put these in your hair immediately?

So many options, sometimes it is hard to chose which one...

If you are having difficulty figuring out what animals there are–I’ll help you out: a fox playing guitar (naturally, what else do foxes do?), two doves, a bunny, a poodle (which I thought was a sheep for the longest time), a duck and a teddy bear.  If you are looking for a set I would recommend checking out your childhood barrette collection or perhaps I will let you borrow one.

Nothing changes?

Your childhood DOES tell a lot about what your life will be like as an adult.

Exhibit A.

From Exhibit A. you will see my awesome fanny pack- Darkwing Duck!, my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. W., and my bestie from grade school.  You will also notice my lack of love for the cat and my total disinterest in holding the cat.

Exhibit B.

Here in Exhibit B. you will notice my snazzy vest, made by my grandma; my Dad’s Twin shirt (good job Dad!) and a terrified bunny that I do not want to be holding at all.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit C.– I’m doing a good job pretending I like cats?

Based on those three exhibits one could make some pretty good assumptions about my thoughts towards cats as an adult.  Nothing changes, except maybe my clothing and accessories.

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