Wedding weekend marathon wrap-up…

Before I get to the wedding weekend marathon wrap-up, things have been happening.  I’ve been growing up.  Now that I’m 25.5 (yes, I just had my half birthday!) I’ve been drinking coffee.  I mentioned it before but now it’s become more of an addiction—like I get headaches if I don’t have some caffeine.  Awesome.  Today I thought, “it is time I learned HOW to make coffee.” Yep, for the past three months I’ve been relying on others–my boss, Caribou, etc. to make it for me.  It’s worked until nobody is there…and then I did some googling and boom: I’m an adult and can make my own coffee. (actually it wasn’t that great and it needed to be way stronger, live and learn.

Other exciting things have been happening (I mean, coffee making IS pretty exciting but there’s more…).  The puzzle is done.  Yes, three weeks I dedicated to this baby.

1000 pieces done.

I would count that as one of my 2011 successes.

This past weekend I did a little wedding attending…and by little I mean a lot.  Friday was my cousin Lindsey’s wedding to Brent!  It was a full on family affair: “Table 12 is the FUN table.”  (aka the cousin’s table NOT the kid’s table Kristina)…

I like to make the little brother take pictures with me.

I also make the bride take pictures with me! (photo credits to my mom)

The wedding dance was a fun time.  There was the whole awkward part of another bride showing up–maybe she was confused as to which room her wedding dance was being held in?  It makes for a good story now.  Congratulations Brent and Lindsey!

Annnnnnnnnnnd then after sleeping for 6 1/2 hours I woke at 6 a.m. to drive to wedding number two for the weekend (wedding marathon).  My dear friend Anna married Dan (I want to call them Danna).

Their wedding was SO beautiful and precious—from the vows to the dress to the cake pops to their hour wedding dance.  I loved it!

Clearly, the wedding reception was at Circus World, a place I had never known that I would always want to go to.

me, JaNahn and Laura with Anna, the lovely bride! (photo credits to Laura)

Congratulations Dan and Anna!  Wedding marathon weekend was SO much fun.  That closes out wedding season 2011, but fear not there is more to summer besides weddings.  In the coming weeks: friend staycation, the State Fair (yes, that’s happening again), rooftop movies (tonight!) and lots more summer fun!

p.s. The dog that bit me does not have rabies!  Hooray!

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