U2: It was a beautiful (rainy) day (night)

Last night U2 came to Minneapolis.  This was the biggest concert to come to the Twin Cities in 30 years and I was there…it did not disappoint.  U2. was. amazing.

These are just a few pictures because 5 minutes into U2 coming to the stage it started down pouring and I left my camera in my purse the rest of the night…there should be more pictures coming soon (*cough* Chris).

The stage setup alone is impressive.  It looked like this:

The Claw- offering you a 360 degree view of the band.

Note the green and orange parts on the claw.  They would later offer us an impressive light show.

After the opening act of Interpol we waited with anticipation for Bono and the boys.  The gigantic video board told us lots of interesting facts (which I LOVED).

Waiting...actually entertaining.

When U2 finally took the stage it was phenomenal.  It looked something like this, except 10 times better in person.

Hey U2

I think every 3-5 minutes I jumped up and down and clapped my hands in delight.  Even in the rain…and I hate rain.  It was maybe the happiest I have ever been in the rain…and did I mention we got to see the Aquatennial fireworks?  Amazing.

That is a brief preview and now try to go fix things the rain broke…like my phone and my camera.

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