Favorite life moment: LA Critical Mass

Friday night I got to do something SO amazing: ride a bike with hundreds of other people through the streets of Los Angeles.  Like ON the street, taking up an entire lane of traffic.  How does this happen you ask?  Continue reading.

1.) Visit your awesome friends in LA.  Spend an entire day thrifting and bartering for Halloween costumes (“so you’re asking me how much I want to pay for this?….how about $5?”)

A tooth fairy, pajama-wig-wearing hippy and a flying pig (all the pink just sort of happened...)

2.) Convince your Minnesota friend that lives in Cali during the week to not fly home to Minnesota but instead hang out with your new California friends.

Tim got to tell everyone about critical mass Mpls, so his staying worked out well.

3.)  Ride your bikes 30 miles (YES 30 MILES!)  throughout downtown LA, Hollywood, East LA and various other neighborhoods.  You may even strike up some interesting conversations with LAPD officers about how tall women are in Minnesota or how great the music was in the 1970s.

4.) Have a friend with you that has a great Halloween costume.

Elliot and ET- win for most creative costume.

5.) Take in how incredibly random your bike riding group of friends were.  SO many great memories!

Worlds colliding...bike riding brings everyone together (again so much pink!)

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