NYE: 2 months in the making

Back in October we made our New Years Eve plans.  October.  Our favorite band was playing at the Varsity and when your favorite band plays on NYE you make plans to be there.  Especially after your biggest regret of 2011: not going to their November show at First Ave.  That’s right we saw Dawes. And Caroline Smith and the Sleepers (or Goodnight Sleeps).  It was bomb.

Before the concert I threw some things together for a little dinner party.  12 people.  2011 memories.  Homemade lasagna.  An amazing cake made by Laura.

Just a little craft project I put together...

I’m not sure the topics of conversation at the grown-up table, but I heard plenty of laughter, so I can only assume that they were having a great time.  They did miss out on the North Korea Party Rock Anthem that was pulled out on youtube (you know your party is going good?  when youtube videos start…)

Some of my favorite people!

The kids table.

After dinner we went to the show, which was delightful and started off 2012 with plenty of joy!

Thanks for ringing in 2012 with me friends!

Happy 2012! SO many great memories from 2011!

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