Apron-like dress? Winner?

This is mostly for my mom- 1.) I know she reads this blog religiously. 2.) She will probably ask me how much I spent on a dress I could have made (we all know that will be a small miracle when sewing happens).  So behold, the dress:

The winner after deciding between two that I liked very much and throwing one out that looked like a sheet (I'm not kidding).

So I’ve come to the conclusion that this dress kind of looks like an apron, thoughts?  Mom?  I could tell the sales girl thought so too and then reassured me it was cute.  I bought it.  I will wear it proudly (and pretend I do things like cook).  And aprons are cute, right apron-hoarder friends?

Note: Someday I will get a new camera, which will improve picture quality 100%, until then this works.

And also, my favorite video from the week: Bon Iver–who recently was featured in NatGeo for this spectacular music video.  (Life goal win Bon Iver tickets to his Mpls. show)

You can be adorable too!

It’s easy.  Go to Gap.  Find cute dress.  “Oh hey, it’s on the sale rack.”   Be amazed that it has pockets. (sold!)

Just ignore all the wrinkles, that happens.

Prepare yourself, the price tag says $59.99, but it’s on sale…so…it rings up to $21.59?…confusion abounds.  But then don’t worry you have two $10 rewards cards.  Yes, that brings the total to $1.59.  Awesome? yes.  Deal winner!

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