DIY Easter Egg Boiling

Every year (ok the last two years) when I go to boil Easter eggs I can never remember HOW to actually boil the eggs.  Below are some helpful steps to follow:

1.) Put the eggs in a saucepan on the stove, covering with about an inch of water–cool water.

2.) Bring to a rolling boil.

Rolling boil!

3.) Turn to medium heat and boil for an additional 10 minutes.

4.) Carefully transfer the eggs to a pot filled with cold water.  (This ensures that the yolk stays yellow not green).

Be careful not to crack any of the eggs!

5.) Let the eggs sit in the cold water for a few minutes.  DONE!

Running cold water over the eggs is helpful too.

Bonus!  Fun Easter pictures ahead!

In 1989 my sister, me and my cousin were sure happy to be in our Easter dresses! much happier in 1991! (Guessing the Easter basket was my idea, seems like something I would do--also note Mir is wearing the dress I wore in '89--oh hand me downs...)

This year, sadly for the first time I will not be with my family for Easter.  This means missing out on the annual, highly competitive Easter egg hunt.  All the cousins are assigned a color and you look for your color plus the hot pink eggs that have money in them.  There is running and in some cases, tackling involved.  It is a lot of fun.

...this might just be 2 years ago...

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