Dear Kev, say it ain’t so.

Several people have let me know this week: Kevin Slowey might be traded.  Now I knew about this before anyone emailed/chatted/texted but I was living in denial.  Now blogs tell me that it’s likely going to happen, so it’s time to face reality and fondly look to the past.

It may have started with reading Kev’s brother’s blog.  His brother is hilarious and has once copied me in his blog posts.  Regardless, we exchanged Christmas book cards this year, sealing (what I would hope will be a life)  friendship with the Slowey brothers.

The prized Christmas card from the Sloweys

Our friendship became the real deal when we met.

Twinsfest -where Kev I first became friends.

Great that we met at Twinsfest since it really opened doors for all of us in Florida with lots of other Twins players.

Clearly Kev is going to have a hard time saying goodbye. We are his favorite.

So Kev, we will miss you if you do leave…you should probably re-consider and start pitching better.  If you do leave remember to send us all a few letters.

Twins Series Opening Day Special: How to get on the field

Last season I had the amazing opportunity to go on the field before two baseball games!  Even I’m not quite sure how it all happened–mostly know the right people, have a boss that “needs” staff with him and you will be on the field in no time!  Here are some things you should do when you are on Target Field.

You should embrace the fact that you get to go to -1 (the elevators to the field) and walk out by the third base line.

The stadium is gigantic from down here!

You should be sure to wear the right colors for your team.  In my attempt to look professional the first time I went on the field I drove to the park wearing *gasp* yellow and blue.  Guess who we were playing, that’s right–the Brewers.

You should take a picture with TC.  There are 5 other people on the field with you who are not Twins employees or baseball players.  Take a picture with the bear.

TC and I are pretty much BFF by this point.

You should probably take stalker field pictures of the players since you could run and give them a high five.  (Note: there is also a lot of security so you probably shouldn’t run towards a player).

You should walk on the grass.  I’ve done it and they did not yell at me.  I just heard when you take the tours they are very adamant about no grass walking.

You should ask to stay on the field especially if there are parachuter’s jumping on to the field.  You will probably lean against the opposing team’s dugout when this is happening–plus they might forget you are not suppose to be on the field and you will be able to go sit with by the Twins for the game–this didn’t happen to me but I’m optimistic that it might happen, one day.

Hanging out with the players, seeing a parachuter before the game.

Twin Series: Ticket purchase complete!

Twins tickets for the 2011 season are purchased.  Success?  Partly.  We came prepared to the field with necessities from last year: coffee, mittens and the spreadsheet.  However, we did not factor in the mob of people that camped there since Friday morning to get tickets.  The line was out of control.  After assessing the situation we took a deep breath, looked around at the signs and noticed something new–we could only buy a total of 8 tickets per game and 24 tickets total per person!  This meant with three people we would not buy the bazillion tickets we were planning on.  We did the next best thing we could think of…we call in reinforcements.  Our friend David recognized the dire situation after three phone calls and came down to TF to help us out.

We waited a considerable time to get tickets (2.5 hours)–which gave us plenty of time to see a bride and groom get their pictures taken in front of the stadium, hear the people in front of us worry about not being able to get any tickets and organize and re-organize the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet.

In the end we walked away with tickets for most of the games we wanted, but not all.  Clearly Joe and the boys were planning to invite us to some of the games themselves–so it will all work out.

Tickets organized and ready for friends (or to sell in a sketchy alley).

20 days until Opening Day!

Twin Series: What to expect from Target Field

You have your tickets.  You have your friends.  It is time to go to your first game at Target Field.  What do you do?  When do you arrive?  What can you expect?

If it is your first time to Target Field you want to give yourself plenty of time to walk around the plaza, take pictures and check out the stadium.  Sometimes if you are there ahead of time you will get to see the team warm-up.  If it is your lucky day you could be asked to run and catch some baseballs, you never know (really unlikely).

Here are some fun photo ops you don’t want to miss:

The glove is a popular place for photos.

Joe is around town, in person (and statued) at TF!

It is always a good idea to take some pictures from your seats just make sure you do not do this in the middle of an amazing play.

Another benefit to getting to the stadium really early is the opportunity to get the give-aways!  Last year I got the Minnie and Paul-shaking-hands bobble head.  Amazing? Yes.

Worth going to the field two hours early? Yes, yes it was--people were trying to buy these!

Once the game starts you can expect the following: sing-a-long in the 8th inning (which I LOVE), the kiss cam (which can be awkward) and seeing at least one marriage proposal (be more creative guys!).  If you go on certain nights you can play TWIN-GO, which is a variation of BINGO and you might even win a prize if you are good at paying attention.  There may also be fireworks when there is a homerun and you will for sure hear U2’s “Beautiful Day” if it is a Twins Win.  Your experience will probably be magical and you will be excited to go back again and again.

Twin series: Tickets, they can be confusing

One of the most important things you will actually do as a fan is attend a game, but to go to a game you need a ticket.  This can be tricky and confusing if you go into the situation without a few helpful tips.

March 19, 2011 is right around the corner.  This is the day single game tickets will go on sale.  Some of us may be standing in line to buy tickets.  I would recommend you find a few good friends, throw together a spreadsheet of the games you want and head on down to Target Field.  You also have the option of purchasing tickets over the phone or the internet but then you have to pay extra service fees, and do you really want to do that?  No, no you don’t.  If you don’t go you might miss the following: showing the ticket people your awesome spreadsheet!

and getting free things--like cracker jacks!

...and seeing TC!

Target Field is a magical place even in March, but before actually buying the tickets you should probably consider where you want to sit.  The “cheap” seats are still really great seats–especially the Skyline view–you actually feel like you are sitting IN downtown it’s great.  Home Run Porch can get very warm in the midday sun so that wasn’t a favorite spot–especially with sitting in front of the gigantic scoreboard but now that there is a new scoreboard I would give HR porch another shot.  My favorite spot to sit last year was the left field bleachers.  Close to the action, close to the bullpen and amongst the most “serious” fans.

....from these seats you could share your fruit snacks with Delmon!

I have not sat in a bad seat in Target Field; every seat offers a different, unique angle and you don’t have to strain your neck to see plays, it is amazing.  Wherever you end up at TF you will be glad you made the right choice to buy tickets.

New blog series: How to be a Twins fan

A new blog series is about to began.  It will be centered around the Minnesota Twins (I know you are probably surprised).  The posts will focus in on some tips of the trade I’ve learned about being a Twins fan.  I was inspired by a few good friends who wanted to know how they could expand their Twins knowledge going into this season–this will be in place of the seminars that I’ve been discussing lately via the facebook.

After reading these posts you too will know  the following:

How to meet a player (and make them laugh).

Danny certainly remembered us.

When to buy tickets/where to sit at Target Field this season.

Our plan for buying tickets will be revealed!

What blogs/news sources/twitter feeds you can read for the most interesting stories and information.

What to do when you find yourself at the stadium before a game and what to expect during the game.

Some photos are not optional.


And finally, what everyone wants to know: how to get yourself onto Target Field before a game.

Officially and legitimately on the field before a game.

I am excited to write these posts and help you all become more well informed fans!

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